You know you’re a camp nurse when….

1. Your work uniform consists of: a bathing suit underneath your shorts and t-shirt, sandals, sunglasses, and a towel around your neck.

2. You carry alcohol swabs in the pocket of your shorts.

3. You carry band aids in the other pocket of your shorts.

4. You can just about remove a splinter with your eyes closed. And the tweezers are in your other pocket (you have 6 pockets).

5. You have soaked more lacerated and filthy toes then you care to remember.

6. You pass out squirts of sun block to passing kids cuz you don’t want to have to treat their sun burns later!

7. You have taken at least one Kwellada shampoo cuz just the thought of lice makes your scalp itch and you were pretty sure you had picked up lice from a camper.

8. You can fashion a splint from a tree branch and duct tape.

9. You know the fastest route to the ‘local’ ER and you are not an ambulance driver.

10. Your breaks consist of a coffee and a hammock or a dip in the lake.

11. You don’t get paid a cent but you love every minute of it (well…almost…see #5).

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