First aid kits and belly aches


I found Alisa at the counselor’s table at lunch. This table held all the senior staff. Alisa was the waterfront director. That meant, at the ripe age of 19, she was in charge of all the swimming instructors, all the life guards and all the nurses. This, of course, included me.

With a sideways glance at my kids sitting at the ‘directors’ table awaiting lunch, I straddled the bench beside Alisa. She turned to acknowledge me.

“Soooo….Alisa. I noticed a couple more first aid kits in the nurse’s office. Are they also needed for a trip of some sort?”

“Oh ya. No, not for a trip. So those kits are from the beach and AC (arts ‘n crafts). They need to be replenished cuz they are super low on band-aids and bacitracin and stuff. So if you could just do that and then just deliver them back by this afternoon that would be super.”

“This afternoon?”

“Yup. No rush. Maybe in an hour or so.” Alisa blinked. No rush? An hour?

“OK. And how many kits are there all over camp?”

Alisa screwed up her face and counted on her fingers. “There’s got to be about ten of them. So they need replenishing every day pretty much. I brought those ones up to you because they were really low. But I am going need you to make rounds on the first aid kits everyday and fill up whatever is missing.”

Man! That was gonna take me forever! Total fun sucker. This was gonna require me to circumvent the stinking camp everyday, hauling supplies as I went. That was definitely gonna cut into my day. I would have to give it a trial run after lunch. How was I gonna sell that one to the kids?! “Hey kids, let’s walk 8 miles around the camp. That will be fun, right?!” Hmmmm…maybe I could pawn them off on some counselors?

I sat down at the directors table considering how I was gonna accomplish this but I was distracted by lunch. Right off I noticed the new serving spoons! I glanced around and saw them on all the tables. Bill confirmed it. Indeed they had picked up a couple of dozen at the dollar store in town. Weeeeeee! Maybe now the number of cases of Deer hut belly aches would diminish?

I was further distracted by the fabulous lunch of a salad and hamburgers with Diana Sauce (of course), lettuce, tomatoes, onions and BACON! As the bacon hit my taste buds I gave my head a shake! I realized how much I loved this place. This place was awesome. Of course, that might have been the bacon talking but whatever. So, if I needed to haul my butt (and my kids’ butts) around the camp…well, so be it! I would do it. I would do it for the bacon. And the Diana sauce. And the croissants. And the coffee, of course, the coffee. Oh and the kids too. Ya, for the kids. So basically…I could be bought. And seemingly I could be bought in denominations of food. Why was I all sniveling and all uptight about delivering some band-aids for Pete’s sake? Anne! You gotta chill. But still, I definitely needed to get rid of my daughters at least!

As we were waiting for dessert (butterscotch pudding) I approached the closest counselor of the Deer Hut.

“Hey, uh, so what do you guys have planned for afternoon activities?” I squatted down beside Brett the counselor as he was trying to equally divvy up the pudding into the ten melmac coffee cups for each of the eager Deer hut campers.

“Well we are going to go down to the arts and crafts to do some sort of project that involves twigs and lots and lots of glue. It promises to be great fun!” Brett said as he stopped spooning briefly, raised his eyebrows and smiled at me.

“Well that does sound like a lot of fun!” I agreed. “Do you have any idea what the other huts are doing?” I wanted to know the options before I committed.

“I think the Cord hut is playing water volleyball, and the Rock hut is playing hockey on the lower field, and the Bear hut is doing some leadership talks.” Brett rhymed off the activities. I thanked him and went back to confer with my daughters.

I gave them the options and it took about, oh, a nanosecond for them to choose the twig project. This sounded most appealing, and apparently they had a couple of friends from their swimming class in the Deer hut, so it was all good.

“Would you be willing to host a couple of young ladies?” I went back to Brett.

“By a couple of young ladies, do you mean your lovely and delightful daughters?” Brett asked with a sidelong glance.

“Indeed I do!” I nodded trying to suppress a smile.

“The Deer hut would be most happy to host your two lovely daughters at our twig project this afternoon!”

“Thanks Brett! I sooo appreciate it. I have some first aid kits to fill so I will probably be an hour or so doing that.” I slipped him my helping of butterscotch pudding as a way of thanks. He thanked me profusely and proceeded to share part of his proceeds with the campers at the table. Awh! That was so sweet!

The girls were so excited that right after lunch they tore up the stairs to get ready. ‘Child care’ Sammy, with my son on her hip, followed in hot pursuit.

I thumped up the steps to the health office. I had eight in the line up today. Three for their scheduled meds, one for some Benadryl for seasonal allergies that were ‘killing him’ (he did look miserable with reddened eyes and a runny nose), one for a rash that looked pretty harmless (we tried some calamine for now) and three boys from…guess where? Yes, the Deer hut. With guess what? You would be correct if you said a stomach ache! Erg!

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