To ER or not to ER?

After we sang grace, I got the kids set up for their breakfast. Today it was hot, freshly baked croissants with butter and jelly. I know! Camp food? Hardly?!
I gave all three kids a melamine cup full of “kool-aid of indeterminate flavor”. All three appeared content. I left them to eat and then I turned my attention to the campers in the dining hall. I needed to locate ruptured ear drum, possible fractured forearm, the finger from sock wrestling and then the ‘road-rash’ and the ankle from capture the flag. 

It took me a while as I slowly walked around the dining hall. The counselors were very helpful in directing me to each of the campers. The first one I found was the Zack the ‘forearm dude’.

“How’s the arm today?”

“Same. It still really aches.” I noticed he was cradling the arm with the other.

“You are not noticing any swelling or clicking sounds?”


“OK. Well will you come up to my office after breakfast so I can have another good look. We can ice it and give you some more acetaminophen. I am thinking about sending you into town today to have a doctor look at it. So, you would have to miss your instructions. I hope that is OK?” 

He shrugged. “Whatever it would take to make it hurt less would be worth it.” 

That didn’t sound too good.

Next up I found the Luke the ‘ankle dude’. His ankle was looking swollen still and there was some bruising evident today. I didn’t like the looks of it. He had been hobbling around camp with the help of crutches. He still had the ace bandage on….sort of…it looked pretty dirty and was showing significant signs of wear after all of twelve hours! I asked Luke why it looked so worn and he admitted that a couple of guys in the hut had used it to bind their ankles together for an impromptu three legged race last night! Of course. Oh and the crutches had been used for a sword fight that had lasted until 3 AM. Sweet. I gave Luke the low-down on my tentative plans to go into town. Luke was cool with that. And then I told him to stop busting up my equipment. He was cool with that too.

I found Andrew next. I had a look at his leg abrasion. It looked pretty good. Nothing, I thought, that needed antibiotics or that I couldn’t take care of at camp. I asked him to come see me after breakfast so I could give it another wash out and apply some more antibiotic cream.

Collin, the ruptured ear drum dude was next. He still had some discharge through the night and some mild ringing in his ear. He looked a little flushed to me too. I asked him to pop by after breakfast. I needed to check to see if he had a temperature. I told him about the possible trip into town. He was disappointed that he might miss his first archery class, but he was understanding.

Lastly, I managed to find Alex, the guy who had injured his finger during sock wrestling. It was swollen and bruised. I didn’t like the look of this finger either! I asked him to come up and see me after breakfast so we could ice it again and give him some acetaminophen. I told him that I would be reserving a seat for him in the van too. 

I had completed my ‘breakfast rounds’. I had four for the ride into town. At this rate…we were gonna need the 15 seater van! The thought made me feel sick. And incompetent…very very incompetent…

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