A busy day ahead but first, another riot!

I sat back down at the director’s table to eat some breakfast along side my kids. I gave Father Brian the low down. I had four kids that needed a doctor’s attention. My plan was to call the doctor and arrange for a rendezvous time in town at the ER if possible. I was thinking an x-ray, or two, was a definite possibility. The van was leaving right after breakfast Father Brian told me. I needed to be quick and get these guys organized, get their health forms pulled and get them to the van on time. Plus, I mustn’t forget to notify the counselors about their absence. I recalled the ‘missing camper’ situation from Monday. I did not want a repeat of that! I felt my face blush.

I ate my warm croissant and sipped my coffee as I thought about what the day had in store for me. I needed to call Dr. Holmes and get these campers shipped off. I needed to refill the first aid kits. Oh and I needed to review my camp fire story for tonight.
My son sat chatting away amiably, to no one in particular. I glanced at him and noticed that about half of the jelly on his croissant had managed to slip and slide down his t-shirt. Oh, yes! That was another thing I needed to add to my schedule today…maybe get some laundry done. A tap on my shoulder interrupted my thoughts. It was Lydia.

“Did you want to announce the latest clean hands stats to the campers?”


“Come on then!” Lydia waved for me to follow her onto the small stage at the front of the dining hall.

We stepped up onto the stage together. The dining hall quickly quietened when Lydia raised her hand. 

“Morning Camp Acorn! Nurse Anne has an announcement about the clean hands award, so listen up.” Lydia stepped out of the way as I stepped forward.

“You guys are showing definite improvement so keep up the good work! After our clean hands inspection today, we have tallied the numbers and I have the results. Today in fourth place was the Deer hut.” 

“Nooo! Booooooooooo! Booooooooooo!” the Deer hut campers burst out. Some of them giving the thumbs down sign. I waited for the noise level to go down.

“In third place was the Cord hut.”

“Booooooo! No way!” the Cord hut campers and counselors burst out. I waited again for them to settle down.

“And….in third place…” I paused for the dramatic effect and looked first at the Rock hut and then the Bear hut, “is the Rock hut.”


With that the Bear hut campers all jumped up pumping their fists in the air, whooping, shouting, high-fiving, and chest bumping. The Rock hut campers looked deflated. 

“Beaaaaaaaaaaar huuuuuuuuuuut! Beaaaaaaaaaaar huuuuuuuuuuut!
Beaaaaaaaaaaar huuuuuuuuuuut!” the chant started. And it went on for another five solid minutes as I stepped off the stage, went back to my seat, finished my breakfast, stacked up our breakfast dishes, took them into the kitchen, wiped down the table, poured myself another coffee and had a seat at the table beside Father Brian. He leaned over and cupped his hand beside his mouth as he shouted to me.

“Nice work Anne!”

I nodded my acknowledgement. Yup. I pretty much felt like a rock star.



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