Attempts at bribery and starting something new

After I left the van I head out for the first-aid kit refill. I was glad I wore my running shoes as I started a comfortable jog to the arts ‘n crafts building.

I felt more than a slight twinge of guilt with not being completely honest with Chubby about the pregnancy test. I rationalized in my head that it was ‘sort of like an epi pen’ since it was kinda like a pen in shape and it might be considered ‘life saving’?! A stretch, I knew it, but I hoped to keep this whole thing on the ‘down low’ as much as possible. If he figured out what it was, well, I would just make like it was for me.

I got to arts ‘n crafts deep in my thoughts but was quickly pulled from them when campers greeted me by name! Wow! More evidence of some progress here! Wheee! Of course most of them attempted to bribe me into giving them the clean hands cake.

“Hey Anne! Do you like my water colour? It could be yours if you just award the cake to the Rock hut!”
“Nurse Anne! You can have my leather  if the Deer hut gets the cake!”

“You guys crack me up! I cannot be bought or bribed.” I smile and lied cuz with the way the day was going, they could totally buy my vote with a five dollar bottle of wine. Wow. My standards had plummeted! I considered the boxed red wine that they kept in the main house for mass. It was now, reportedly, under lock and key after someone had managed to drain more than half the box earlier in the summer. So unfortunate on a couple of different levels. I needed to talk to Barb and take her up on the offer of ‘wine and laundry’ night! I was desperate for both.

I stocked the first aid kit as I fended off offers. Danielle was washing off paint brushes in the sink and watching me fill the kit.
“I noticed you have your running shoes on today. Would you like to join me and Kate for a run during third instruction?”
“Oh Danielle! It’s been an awfully long time since I have gone on a run. I would probably hold you back.” I said as I considered all the jiggling tissue I had noticed as I jogged to arts ‘n crafts. And the burning lungs. And the burning thighs….always those burning thighs.
“OK, well, let me rephrase that. We are going on a jog during third instruction. You won’t hold us back, trust me! We just started jogging last week, so it’s not like we are Olympic athletes or anything.”
“Two things come to mind. Do you know CPR, and do you have a back up camp nurse?”

“Ha!” Danielle burst out with a hearty laugh. “Yes! All the staff know CPR, so you are in good hands and then we will not need a back up nurse! But believe me, you will be fine. I promise.” She made a motion like she was crossing her heart with her paint covered fingers.
Oh what the hell.
“Sure! Let’s do it. I was planning on finishing my first-aid kit rounds at the beach. Can I meet you there?”
“Done. It’s a plan.” Danielle gave me a high five.
I knew that I might die.

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