Adventures in inebriation

What a headache! I was not sure what they were gonna do without the second child 
care counselor. Sounded like there would be a fair amount of shifting of
responsibilities until Sammy could be replaced.

Apparently this was Sammy's first night out. She had gotten a "townie" to
purchase a bottle of spiced rum for her. She had added it to a bottle of Coke.
Sammy had then joined a group of counselors who had ordered some pizzas and sat
outside on the sidewalk patio with them. They had noticed her bottle of Coke but
no one had thought anything of it. That is, until she started to become
belligerent, slur her words, and then declared her undying love for Angus. Angus
was not amused. Angus managed to accidentally (on purpose) spill the remainder of
the drink on the floor. Sammy didn't even notice though, as she was too far gone
by then. The remainder of the evening became an adventure in babysitting a
thoroughly intoxicated seventeen year old girl. While the hours dragged on until
the van rendezvous, Sammy had managed to fertilize several bushes in town with
veggie pizza.

There was no hiding it (although some of the counselors attempted to do so,
dragging her stumbling up the stairs) as when Sammy arrived back and baptized
the ladies restroom (more veggie pizza)Lydia witnessed the whole thing. Lydia, a
fourth year university student, knew what was what just by looking into Sammy's
bloodshot and glazed over eyes. She didn't even need to see the veggie pizza
sprayed over the bathroom floor and wall. So, Lydia, being the assistant
director was the 'bad guy'. She, after spending a sleepless night wrestling her
conscience brought the incident to the attention of Father Brian. Man! That had
to suck!

At this point, Sammy had been spoken to by the directors just moments before
lunch. Her Mum was on her way to pick her up. She chose not to come down to
lunch. I guess she wasn't too hungry (particularly since we were having veggie
pizza). Plus she was crying her eyes out.

No doubt about it. Sammy had screwed up. Big time. It would not be difficult to
replace her. Camp Acorn, despite the crappy pay, the filth, the horrible hours,
the grueling workload and the smelly little kids, enjoyed incredible
popularity. The directors had an extremely difficult challenge every spring
trying to select just eight guys and eight girls to form the first year
counselling staff. They were inundated with applications from the
dozens of LIT 2's and former campers who fondly remembered their camp days and
wanted desperately to be a part of that magic for the next generation.

It would be pretty easy to contact any one of the applicants who didn't get
hired. They would be easy to reach as they were likely at home, curled up on
their bed, in their darkened room, trying to get through a long, boring,
camp-free summer. For some of these kids, it would be their first summer that
did not include a week, two weeks or a month at camp. That meant a summer
without seeing their camp buddies. A summer without three instructions. A summer
without 'Sinking the Bismark'. No campfires. No flag football in the woods.
Childhood was over for those who did not return to camp as a counselor...and
they had to deal with that.

Seriously. Kids loved this camp THAT much.

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