Are you prepared to be a camp nurse? Take the quiz and see!

Check all that apply:

1. You are cool with a sketchy internet connection and no cell service.

2. You have a first aid book and you have the chapter on bear maulings tabbed.

3. Hanging around with 80 children who are not your own sounds like fun!

4. Perma-dirt on your feet is “no biggie”.

5. Removing slivers is one of your fortes.

6. You love the smell of mosquito spray in the morning!

7. You have a soft spot for teenage counselors who are entertaining campers at 80 cents/hour.

8. The thought of a forty minute van ride to the local ER, around hairpin turns, and at break-neck speed does not faze you.

9.  You are envirendly.

10. You cherish creating awesome summer memories that will last until the Alzheimer’s kicks in.


What was your score?

1-4: God bless you. You still need some training. But don’t despair! It can be done. Just go out and hug some trees, don’t shower for a couple of days, and turn your cell phone off for a week. 

5-7: You are almost there my friend! Do not be discouraged! Just grab your 1st aid book and a flash light and go sit in your tent without any bug spray and success will be achievable.  

8-10: You are the epitome of a Camp Nurse. Totes McGoats. You have the know-how, you have the resilience, and you have a screw loose! You have what it takes. Now…find a local camp that needs your expertise and apply!  

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