Waking up on Friday at camp

Sitting outside the kitchen, sipping my coffee and enjoying the apple cinnamon muffin, I noticed how incredibly quiet the camp was! Approximately one hundred people on the camp grounds and, aside from the music coming from the kitchen and a lonely loon, it was silent and still. Incredible. But the camp days were long and exhausting so it was no wonder everyone was dead asleep. And, I knew that would not last long! Especially knowing that there would be an all-camp that started this afternoon and would continue well into the evening. It sounded like there would be plenty of commotion and soon enough.

Ruh roh! Scooby is coming to camp?

That reminded me…I had to come up with a reason that I wanted to ‘destroy Camp Acorn’ as a part of the all-camp. Sounded a bit like a classic Scooby Doo episode. Hmmmmm. That got me to thinking…

I heard the sound of voices and a screen door open and swing closed. Deep in thought as I was thinking about Scooby and Shaggy, I looked up. It was a couple of Deer Hut campers, clutching their toothbrushes and heading towards the bathrooms. The stillness of camp was now broken. Time to get moving.

As I started up the stairs I heard the screech of feedback as Radio Acorn started up. I cringed. 

“Gooooood morning Camp Acorn! This is your favorite DJ Bobbo Beats! Time to get up and at ’em. It’s a big, big day today. It’s an ALL-CAMP day. So come on, get up, get some coffee and get a good breakfast cuz you are going to need all your energy for this exciting day. You are going to create memories that last long past the summer! To inspire you, I have put together a line up of some of the most requested Can Con music from the last decade!

A big ‘sore-y’ from Canada!
‘Can Con’, short for Canadian content, refers to the requirement that music that Canadian radio stations broadcast must consist of 35% Canadian content. It’s a way of ensuring that the Canadian culture is promoted. What followed was “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion; “Can’t stop this thing we started” by Brian Adams; “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies; “Life is a highway” by Tom Cochrane; “Superman’s song” by Crash Test Dummies; “Building a mystery” by Sarah McLachlan; “Boots or hearts” by the Tragically Hip and to wrap it up “Home for a rest” by Spirit of the West (which I would argue was pretty much the camp anthem — this song could be heard on the daily in the mainhouse). It was a pretty stellar line up. Keep in mind this was in the days before Celine and Sarah became completely annoying and The Beibs had not even entered the scene.

“I choose you!”
I really enjoyed listening to the music as I got my son ready for the day. The wake up crew came by. Today it was Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Ash was singing the song “I choose you, Pikachu” while Pikachu ran around leaping in circles squealing “Pika! Pika-Pika! Piiiiiiikaaaa!” 

My son was completely enchanted to the point that Ash invited him to come along and help them wake up the rest of the staff and campers. He looked to me for approval.

“See you at breakfast, OK little buddy?”

And off he went happy as a tick on a dog. I believe that this was a pivotal moment in my son’s life, because soon after this I was suckered into buying the first of thou$and$ of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. URG!

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