Morning rounds and some philosophy

After I finished with the arts ‘n crafts first aid kit I picked up my back pack and then wandered around the table looking over the kids’ shoulders to see their progress on their fish project. 

“Ooooo. I’m liking your fish, guys. These are awesome!”

“Thanks Nurse Anne!” 

I pushed open the door to the balcony when one of the kids called to me.

“Nurse Anne! Nurse Anne! ‘Something smells!’ Ha ha! Good joke.”

I nodded, smiled and gave him the thumbs up. I guess word was getting out. I peeked at my watch and I had a few minutes before I had to be down at the beach to rendezvous with my new running buddies. I needed take a look in the first aid kit at the kayaking/windsurfing dock.  

I saw Caroline standing at attention on the yaking dock that morning. 

“Morning Caroline.” I said as I plopped my back pack down and opened the kit. 

“Morning Anne.”

“And how are things at yaking and windsurfing? The water looks pretty choppy this morning.”

“That does make for a challenge for some of these new windsurfers.” Caroline said and I noticed only a couple of the campers had their sails up. Most of the rest of the kids were struggling to get their sails out of the water. “But ‘a smooth sea never makes for a good sailor.'” 


“Wow Caroline. That’s deep.” I said as I sat back on my haunches and looked up at her. She giggled.

“Well it’s true!”

“It is. In windsurfing and in life!” I said as I recalled my conversation with the LIT 2 boys.

“Are you ready for your own stormy ocean today?”

“Do you speak of anything in particular?” I wondered if she knew about Ted up in the infirmary.

“The seven trippers are coming back today and they will need to be checked out.”

Oh geez! I had not thought about that. 

“Will I be assessing them before or after their showers?”

“After.” Caroline laughed. 

“I can handle that.” 

I looked at my watch. I had about ten minutes. I decided to chill for a bit. I pulled off my socks and running shoes and stepped off the dock, sat on the rocks and put my feet in the shallow water.

“This is a great place, eh, Caroline?” I said as I looked out across the lake.

“It’s better than Disneyland!” She responded as she sat on the dock and dangled her feet in the water. 

“Well…I’ve been to Disneyland and I dunno if it’s better than that.”

“Oh it is for sure, Anne. I have come every summer since I was eight, so I know. Think about it. There is no standing and sweating in boring long lines for the rides and you don’t need a fast pass. There are more goofy costumed characters here then at Disney, no doubt. You don’t need to make reservations for your meals. Two weeks at camp is waaay cheaper then Disney. And, you don’t need to buy any expensive trinkets because your cherished memories are your souvenirs for a lifetime.”

I considered her argument as I wiggled my toes in the clear refreshing water. 

“Caroline. You are SO right!!” I grinned. But then I had a thought.


“Wait. Wait. Wait. One thing Disney has over camp is the refreshments.” I pointed at Caroline. “You gotta admit that!”

“Your right. The juice at camp is horrendous.” Caroline nodded and grimaced. 


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