Only at camp

After removing the rusty nail I tromped back upstairs and went directly to the health office. I needed a thermometer to check on Ted. He was still asleep. I gently shook his shoulder to waken him. 

“What’s new Ted? Feeling feverish?”

“Not really.”

“Still nauseated?”


“Good! Are you hungry?”

“Nope. Not hungry.”

“Could you at least try sipping some water?”

“I can try.” He said as he rubbed his eyes.

I left him with the thermometer cooking under his tongue and I ran down to the kitchen. The place was deserted so I grabbed a pitcher and a cup. I filled the pitcher with cold water and brought it upstairs for Ted. I admit that I had to stop half way up the stairs for a breather. When I got back to Ted the thermometer was beeping. He was afebrile. Good news. I was hoping now that the nausea had subsided, that maybe he would be turning around.

“Try to sip on the water, Ted. I don’t want you getting dehydrated, but of course if you feel like you are going to vomit, then hold off. OK?”

“Sure thing.”

“Can I get you anything else Ted?”

“Nah, thanks. I have a book here, so I might try and read. Should I go for lunch, do you think?”

“I will let you decide. If you feel up to it, then go. But don’t force yourself to eat food if you are still nauseated. You can go and just sip on the juice, if that is all you can tolerate.”

“Sounds good. I will listen for the bell and go down there for lunch.”

“That’s the plan then.” I waved and Ted lay back down and pulled the sheet up over his shoulder. 

“Wait.” Ted sat up on his elbow. “Nurse Anne?”

“Yes Ted?” I stopped with my hand on the door handle.

“Why are you all wet?”

“Oh.” I laughed as I looked down at my dripping attire and then put a hand to my wet hair. “I must be a sight! I went for a run and then jumped in the lake with my running gear on.”

“Sounds like you were doing your laundry ‘camp style’!” Ted nodded his understanding.

“Seems like a quick and easy way to wash the initial stink off, I figure.” I shrugged. “But let me assure you, Ted, that I don’t normally visit my patients in soggy shorts. Only at camp.” I winked at him.

“Only at camp, eh? We say that about a lot of things!” Ted smiled and nodded. He lay back down and pulled the sheet over him again. I stepped out and quietly closed the door.

Truer words were never spoken. I thought about some of the things that you can do at camp that you just don’t see or do in the city. Like Pikachu waking you up, or having one shower a week and being at peace with your permadirt, or being a navy seal, or having wicked bed head, or having the nurse tell a ghost story, or sliding down a soapy hill, or climbing the side of a three story building, or being ruled by an old fashioned school bell, or going kayaking/running/swimming during your work break!

Only at camp….and it was awesome!


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