Camp crushes

Muddy, Angus, and Lydia were chilling back at the staff picnic table when I returned with my son in tow. They gave me their tallies for the clean hands and I took a mental note.


“I actually noticed that some of the kids used soap and water!” Lydia told me excitedly. Muddy and Angus nodded agreement.

“That honestly warms my heart.” I said as clasped my hands to my chest and sighed. “Thanks again for your help.” I waved as my son and I left to take our seats at the directors’ dining table.

We sat down to enjoy a fabulous lunch of chicken burgers (yeah!), fries (yeah!) and jello (boo!). The adults at the table and the kids each got involved in fascinating discussions. 

The adults discussed the pros and cons of doing an unannounced night sweep of the camp grounds. The only pros identified were ensuring your campers and staff were safely in bed and the camp was free of intruders. The many cons included; having to interrupt your sleep to conduct the sweep, having to find a working flashlight, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, tripping over tree roots in the darkness and, the worst of all, happening upon various creatures in the night and startling them. These creatures included raccoon, opossums, deer, enamored counselors, and bears. As you can imagine it was nasty business all around!

Be afraid!

The kids were busy discussing which of the staff the kids liked the best. My daughters, Yvonne and Shelby filled me in on who liked whom. 


Well, well, well. So the kids had little camp crushes. These were pretty common and not surprising if you pause to think about it. Those counselors were heroes to these kids. They put the kids first over themselves everyday. They knew all the Disney songs by heart. They knew a million goofy games. They were cool with dressing in drag. They would let you braid their hair. They would play ‘Duck, duck, goose’.

Apparently my son had developed quite a crush on Anita and had even asked her to marry him. Props to Anita cuz apparently, she told him, without even blinking an eye, that she was not dating right now as she was just coming off a difficult break up. I looked at my son.

“You asked Anita to marry you?”

“Yes.” He admitted with a tiny smile.

“I thought you were going to marry me.”

“Mum! You already have Dad and you are too old,” he responded as he rolled his eyes and shook his head. Everyone at the table laughed.

“You got me there buddy.” 

Ouch on the ‘old’ part.


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