An ‘all camp’ afternoon


My son and I watched as seven more teams came and went. Some teams were fantastic, some were terrible. Two more canoes capsized. Songs were sung, cheers were cheered, laughs were had. Many flotations devices were rescued that day. 

When Ted’s group came through he had sat on the L dock with Alisa as she supervised. I quizzed him on how he was feeling as he walked by us. 

“Not 100% but I’m OK,” he shrugged dismissively.

Zack, with his arm in the cast, told me he was the head cheerleader for his team. He shouted instructions, danced and cheered from the L dock.  What a good sport!

“Is it OK if I do this station if I wear ear plugs?” Collin, the camper with the ruptured ear drum, asked me as he pulled the ear plugs out of his bathing suit. 

“Yes but only if you guarantee me that your canoe will not tip!” I told as I pointed a finger at him. 

“OK!” Collin responded with excitement and turned back to his team. “My canoe cannot tip you guys!” And, thankfully, his canoe did not.

When my daughters’ group arrived at the beach they gave us a quick wave as they each took up a paddle. The paddles probably weighed more then they did! I watched as they attempted to help paddle but noticed that they barely reached the water and they struggled to keep in the rhythm of the strokes. No one on the team seemed to mind or care. 


When the last group arrived, a tiny camper, Kyle, dragged along at the back of the group. He spotted my son and I in the midst of what was now quite an extensive little sand city and quietly asked Jake if he could sit this one out. Jake asked if we wouldn’t mind letting Kyle join us while the team rescued the lifeys. I told him we wouldn’t mind in the least.

With great relief Kyle dropped to his knees and picked up a spare shovel and a little blue bucket.

“I’m just too pooped Nurse Anne!” Kyle explained as he filled the bucket with sand.

“I’ll bet you are! You have probably been pretty busy at all the stations, I would imagine.”

“Yup,” he said with a big sigh. “I have already gone up the climbing wall to the roof of the main house, then I had to run through an obstacle course, I had to throw basket balls through hoops on the basket ball court and I played a game of water polo but we put our legs through the arm holes of the life jackets.”

“So this is all to help Camp Acorn and solve the mystery of who is sabotaging camp?” I asked, I little confused.


“How does that work?”

“Well, when we finish at a station we get clues,” Kyle explained.

“Ohhhh. So are the clues pointing to someone?”

“My team thinks it’s actually Shawn who is trying to ruin camp,” Kyle confided in me. “We think he was the one who trashed the boat house.”

“Why would he do that?” I asked.

“Now that we haven’t figured out,” Kyle told me as he turned his bucket over quickly and tapped the top with his shovel. He pulled the bucket off to reveal a lopsided castle.

“I dunno Kyle. I just don’t think it could be Shawn.” I said as I slowly shook my head. I had a sudden surge of nervousness.

“Why do you say that, Nurse Anne?”

“Just a feeling…” I responded. Kyle laughed mischievously.


“You know who it is already, don’t you?” Kyle gave me a sidelong look.

“Me?” I put on my very best innocent act. “Nah. They don’t tell me anything, Kyle. I’m just the nurse.” I answered as I pulled my bucket off my sand castle and it completely fell apart.


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