Great advice for the ladies!

Kyle’s team completed their mission. Kyle dusted the sand off and rejoined his group as they gathered up their stuff to leave. I noticed that Alisa provided the team with a clue as they all listened closely.

“We very carefully dusted for fingerprints and it seems that our culprit left none.” Alisa told them.

As the campers repeated it one of the older campers wrote the clue down on a clip board. The team huddled around and the kids and counselors discussed who the perpetrator could possibly be as they reviewed all the clues. 

“OK guys. Go get ready for general swim.” Alisa told the group. The team left as their debate continued. 

I turned to my son. “Shall we run to use the restroom before general swim?” He nodded but looked at his sand castles with deep concern.

“Will the campers squish all my sand castles?”

“We could ask Alisa to guard them, maybe?” He nodded and then got up and ran to her.

“Would you please guard my castles while we go the the bathroom?” He asked Alisa politely. 

“Sure,” said Alisa, “do you think you will be gone long?” She looked to me.

“Well…it might be a bit! We have to run up to the main house for the ladies rest room and then of course I have to wrestle with my wet bathing suit!” I laughed as I waved my hands to indicate my soggy and sandy suit. The one piece bathing suits were great for coverage but a huge pain to contend with.

“Oh my, Anne! How long have you been here at camp and you have not mastered the onesie scooch?”

“Umm…begyourpardon?” I looked around to see if anyone was listening to this conversation. Ryan was in the beach hut and, thankfully, out of earshot.

“I learned it while tripping through the park. You don’t need to peel off your whole suit. You do a bathing suit scooch and pin the suit down and out of the way when you sit.”

“That actually works?” I asked, a little embarrassed but totally intrigued.

“Oh ya. I use it all the time while camping in the woods. It reduces the amount of exposed skin for us ladies. That’s a real worry when you are camping in the midst of black fly season!” Alisa winked knowingly at me. 

“Huh! I’m gonna give that a try! Thanks for the tip.” I gave Alisa a thumbs up. “I’m guessing we will be five minutes if this really works.” I laughed and Alisa smiled. 

“It will!” Alisa responded as I grabbed my son’s hand and we headed towards the main house. 

It worked. 

Ladies? You are so welcome.

Tears of joy

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