Preparation for my breakout role.

As we walked up the forested pathway to the main house, my three kids were discussing the turtle adventure. I gathered from the conversation that I might never ever get them back into the lake.

“Remember that Sheldon has bright yellow stripe on his back. You just need to scan the bottom of the lake for the yellow paint and you should be OK.” I offered.

“That’s not going to work if he is out in the deep end just waiting for you, Mum!” Daughter One countered.

“Or what if he is buried under the mud?” Daughter Two added.

OK so they didn’t buy that one at all…

“Well I have never heard of a turtle attack in the water, so I think you are safe there. Don’t bother them and they won’t bother you. Now, once you get them out of the water, that’s a different story.” I explained as we climbed the stairs to the third floor.

The four of us got changed for dinner and then I had the kids follow me down to the health office so I could get the meds set out. As I was unlocking the door, Caroline and Angus came scurrying down the hallway. 

“Anne! Are you ready for tonight?” Caroline asked me excitedly. Angus looked at me eagerly.

“Ummm, yup, I think so. What are the details?” I asked as I opened the office door and entered the health office.

“I have allllll the details for you.” Caroline said as she followed me into the office and closed the door. She sat it on the exam table and unzipped the top of a backpack. Before the door closed I noticed Angus as he plopped down on the floor in the hallway and, without a moments hesitation, all three of my children jumped on top of him and began wrestling him. Angus gave out a long yell as he fell onto his back. I needn’t worry about keeping them busy while I did my duties!

I started to pull out the dinner and evening medications from the cupboard. By this point, I barely needed to even consult my medicine records, as I had them mostly memorized. Caroline began whispering the instructions to me. I stopped, crossed my arms and leaned against the counter.

“We need you to sneak out after dessert, into the back stairwell and find this backpack. I will hide it behind the lost and found box. There are men sized boots, pants, and a shirt in here,” Caroline pulled out the corner of what looked to be a plaid shirt and then stuffed it back into the backpack. “Pull the clothes over top of yours. There’s a mask and some prop handcuffs in there too. Put those on and then just wait there for Angus to come and get you. He will pull you into the dining hall and onto the stage and then pull off the mask for the big reveal. You cool?” 

“I think so…I’m kinda nervous though!” I laughed and shook my head. I felt myself blushing and I cupped my cheeks to hide my involuntary reaction. 

“Oh don’t be, Anne. It’s gonna be awesome. No one will have guessed Nurse Anne as the culprit!” Caroline lightly clapped her hands and then clasped them together. “Oh and be sure to bring the drama. Lots of drama.”

“I think I can do that.” 

Can I bring the drama? “Yes.”


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