Duty calls!

Caroline left with the backpack and managed, with great difficulty, to extricate Angus from the bottom of the pile of kids who were still wrestling him.

“Guys! I gotta go,” Angus told them as he rolled over onto his hands and knees. “We are getting ready for the all-camp wrap up tonight.” 

The kids reluctantly let him escape down the back stairs with Caroline. They lay on the ground exhausted as I finished up with the medications.

“You three ready for the all-camp dinner?” I said as I pulled the health office door closed. 

“YES!” All three cheered.

“Let’s go then!”

The three kids tore down the stairs ahead of me. As I reached the bottom I glanced over and saw that Caroline had stashed the backpack behind the lost and found box, as promised. My heart rate surged. Geez! You would think I was my opening night on Broadway! I quickly reviewed my lines. I had been rehearsing my part in my head all day.

As we arrived the campers were beginning to pour into the dining hall. They were organized into their all-camp teams and the noise level was incredible as the teams were each bellowing out their various cheers. I pointed out the girls’ team table and they ran to join them. A couple of the boys moved over to make room for them at the picnic table and then gave them each high fives. So sweet!

I noticed an extra table had been set up in the dining hall. It was full of the trippers that had headed out from camp earlier in the week. Seeing them reminded me that I had to do their physicals tonight. They had arrived back from their week in the forest and looked a little grubby and disheveled but happy. Very happy.

My son and I sat at our usual spots at the director’s dining table. Father Brian, Barb and Bill were already seated. 

The cheering continued for several minutes. The sound was deafening and the energy levels were tremendous. How did they still have an ounce of energy left after the afternoon full of activities? Personally? I could go for another nap!

Lydia stepped onto the stage and the crowd finally settled.

“Did everyone have fun at the all-camp?” Lydia asked.

“YEEEEEESSSSSS!” The response was ear splitting. At the director’s table we all looked at each other and shook our heads in wonder.

“Do you know whodunit?”

“YEEEEEESSSSSS!” The teams responded.

“I have a note here from Angus and Caroline,” Lydia said as she unfolded a piece of paper, “It’s says that they are closing in and believe that they should have the suspect apprehended soon. They will have an announcement after dessert.” The crowd cheered again. “Let’s all rise for grace.”

We all rose, sang grace, sat down, and ate dinner. I don’t recall what we ate. I was so nervous. When they brought out dessert I didn’t eat any of it but dished some out for my son. I looked over towards the head staff table and caught Lydia’s eye. She gave me a subtle nod. 

“Barb would you mind keeping an eye on my son? I just have to step out for about ten minutes.”

“Oh sure. No problem. Duty calls, eh?”


“Yup.” I gave her a goofy smile. Who would have thought that the duties of the camp nurse would include theatricals!?

“That’s too bad. You are going to miss the big reveal here in a few minutes.”

“I will try to make it back in time,” I told Barb and then turned to my son. “You OK to stay here with Barb?” He nodded and gave me a thumbs up as he continued eating.

I stepped out into the back stairwell. I pulled the backpack out from it’s hiding place, plunked it down on the first step and unzipped it. I pulled out the red plaid button up shirt with a hoody, a large pair of jeans, some Kodiak boots, the hand cuffs and there at the very bottom was a hockey goalie mask. 

Hi! I’m the camp nurse!

Nurse Anne; inspiring a new generation of nightmares. Awesome sauce. 

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