Tis Himself

I returned the backpack to it’s spot behind the lost and found box, grabbed my husband’s hand and pulled him back out to the dining hall. We headed for the directors’ table. 

When our three kids saw us coming they jumped out of their seats to give their Dad a hug and barrage him with camp news. I had kept it a secret from the kids that he was coming for the weekend so they were thrilled. He had driven up immediately after work, stopping for a hamburger on the way north from the city.

Dad’s here!

Himself was introduced around the table. Someone grabbed him a cup of juice and a bowl of the apple crisp they had served for dessert. Himself plunked down on my son’s chair, placed him on his lap, and took sips and bites as he attempted to listen to the three kids as they regaled him in stories about the events at week. 

“…and this one time, in swimming class, we were doing rescues…”

“…and in arts ‘n crafts all the glue was dripping down my arm…”

“…and this one time we were fishing and instead we caught a turtle…”

“…and then we would dive off the windsurf board…”

“…and this one time I got to climb the wall and I almost got to the roof…”

“…and I made like a million sand castles…”

His head, nodding, swung from right to left and back again as the three kids scrambled to tell him every last detail. I sat back and watched as I drank my juice. It was not only heartwarming to hear the delight in the children’s voices but it was also incredible to think of all the activities they had participated in over the last seven days. 

What if I had stayed at home in the city this week? Would they have learned how to T rescue a canoe? No. Would they have sung around a camp fire? Nah. Would they have slid down a soapy slide? No way Jose. Would they have witnessed Navy Seal training? Nope.


As dinner broke up several campers ran up the back stairs towards the nursing office. I was back in business. The counselors immediately started to push back the tables in preparation for the camp rave. The three kids, still rambling on, followed us as Himself grabbed his duffle bag and I led the way back to the staircase.

“I have to go to the health office and give out meds. The kids can take you up to our room. I will meet you back there when I am done.” I told him as we started up the stairs.

“Sounds like a plan. Hey, by the way, that apple crisp was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised. But the juice was God awful!”

I cackled. 

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