Back at it


“I’m gonna need a crowbar to get me outta this chair!” I told my husband as I felt my body relaxing into it. Himself laughed. I turned my face towards the sun and sat very still for several minutes.


“It’s a far cry from a four star spa but there are definite moments of restfulness.” He said as he continued to watch the swimmers churning up the waters, the instructors shouting out to them their corrections. “Now… notice I didn’t say peacefulness!”

“No kidding.” I laughed. “Well, I gotta go. See you at lunch!” I sighed as I packed up the folding chair and grabbed my backpack.

“Chow!” Himself called as he cracked opened his book again.

I tossed the chair back into the hut and started up the dirt road to the main house. I realized I had missed my running date this morning. Priorities!

As I neared the main house I thought I heard my name hissed. I stopped and looked around but saw no one. Weird. I took a few more steps and then heard it again but a little louder. I stopped again and looked around me, but saw no one. Then I caught a movement from the corner of my eye and looked up. Holding my hand up to block out the sun shining in my eyes I saw Hannah, a third year counselor was bent over the railing of the second floor balcony, urgently waving at me. 

“Anne. I have a problem! Can I meet you in the health office?” She asked me in a hushed voice as she pointed towards the direction of the office.

“Sure thing!” I nodded up at her squinting. Hannah gave me the thumbs up and started towards the office. I noticed she was limping a bit as she left.

Oh geez! What now? 

As I trudged up the stairs I got a little sweaty and realized that I really needed a shower, or…better yet…a jump in the lake. I would have to remember to put that on my agenda for the afternoon.

Hannah, standing awkwardly, was awaiting me when I reached the office. I pulled out my keys to open the door.

“Hey Hannah! What’s up girl?” I looked at her and smiled. I noticed she had tears in her eyes. Small alarm bells.

“I have a huge sliver. Can you please help me get it out?”

“Oh OK. No problem. Those can be painful. I have a super awesome magnifying glass I can use to remove it too. Let me just grab it.” I said as I ushered her into the office and put my back pack down.

“I don’t think you will need a magnifying glass, Anne. It’s huge.”

“Oh dear!” I said sympathetically. “Well, let’s have a looky see, shall we.” I said as I washed my hands.

“It’s…it’s in a rather indelicate place…” Hannah said as her face reddened, she turned around and pulled up her boxer shorts to reveal a huge sliver in her bum.


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