Himself, the rebel


“Mummy!” My three kids yelled as they came running into the dining hall with Anita in hot pursuit. The girls each gave me a quick hug and my son climbed up into my lap. I thanked Anita and she gave each kid a high five and disappeared up the back stairwell.

“You’ve been gone a lot!” Daughter One commented as she pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Yup. Had to make some trips into town.” I explained.

“Didja get me some candy?” My son’s eye lit up as he held my face looking for an answer.

“Nope. Sorry pooky bear. I didn’t really have time for candy, I’m afraid.” He pouted and I gave his lower lip a flick with my finger. “How’s the swimming going?” I asked as I ruffled his wet hair. 

“So good. We tried to show Dad but he got us all in trouble,” my son said.

“Dad got you all in trouble?” Father Brian and I exchanged a confused look.

“Three times!” Daughter Two piped up.

Designated swimming area

“Seriously? You got in trouble three times? Why?”

“Cuz we kept going swimming in the off limits areas!” Daughter One explained. Father Brian and I laughed. 

“Yesterday we were looking for rocks and swimming on the left of the kayaking dock and you can only swim on the right side, so Amy blew her whistle at us,” said Daughter Two.

“Then we went for a walk through the forest and found another nice spot near some lily pads and we were swimming there, but Bobbo came out of the Bear Huts and blew his whistle at us,” Daughter One contributed.

“And then…after dinner last night we were doing laps beside the fishing dock but it was outside of the ropes so Kim blew her whistle at us.”

“Oh, so Dad needs a little orientation, I guess.” I chuckled as I looked up and noticed the rebel himself entering the dining hall. He greeted everyone and pulled out the chair beside me and sat down.

“So I hear you need some help with the designated swimming areas around camp?!” I smiled at him.

Don’t even think about it!

“Oh you heard about that did you?” Himself looked at the kids. “Did you tell Mum on me?”

The three kids giggled and nodded. 

“Yup. They did. You are quite the non-conformist!” I poked Himself in the chest.

“Well the things is,” he leaned in to whisper in my ear as Father Brian chatted with the kids, “I’m a grown adult, these are my children and, therefore, my responsibility and I don’t need people blowing their bloody whistles in my ear, thank you very much. And, I thought I exercised a fair amount of restraint in not ripping the freaking whistles out of their hands and…” Himself smiled politely. “But…I didn’t want to create more work for you in your health office.”

“Oooh! Sassy”

“So what’s for lunch guys?” Himself said brightly to the kids.

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