Time for tomfoolery.

It took me a bit to catch my breath after I swam to the surface of the water. Swimming with sandals on was a bit of a challenge. I looked up and saw Ben, still holding my son who was still waving, my daughters and the counselors all standing on the dock, laughing, clapping and looking down at Angus and myself in the lake. 

“What the heck, Angus?” I splashed him in the face. 

“You said you needed a to clean up and wash your clothes. I was just trying to help!” Angus responded as he treaded water and laughed at me. 

“Not exactly what I had in mind.” I said as I swam over to the ladder and hoisted myself out of the water. Angus followed behind me.

“Consider yourself one of us now!” Ben called to me. “We love you nurse Anne. You have now been initiated.”

My three kids giggled at the sight of me, bedraggled and dripping in my shorts and t-shirt.

“I want to be thrown in too!” Daughter One responded.

“You do?” Angus laughed.

“Yes please.” She nodded. So, Angus picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and jumped into the lake. 

She came to the surface laughing hysterically.

“Me next please!” Daughter Two clapped her hands. Angus, obligingly, crawled out of the water, grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder and jumped into the lake.

“My turn,” my son said as he stepped closer to the edge of the dock.

“Magic word?” Angus asked him as he towered over top of him and dripped lake water onto his head as he trembled and giggled with delight.

“Ummm…PLEASE!” He shouted.

“That’s it!” Angus shouted back as he picked him up in his life jacket, and jumped into the lake with him. The two of them surfaced and laughed like hyenas.

Your turn!

I checked for the office keys and found that they were still in my pocket. I took off my sandals and set the keys on top of them and then took a running dive into the lake. I swam over to my son who was floating happily in his life jacket. My daughters followed and the four of us floated in the deep end as we watched Ben and Angus proceed to wrestle with and then throw each and every one of the counselors into the lake. 

Angus and Ben seemed to have taken a break as they sat on the diving board, heads bent together, scheming. Meanwhile, my daughters were busy showing me how to do feet first surface dives while my son and I watched. 

It seemed to have gotten very quiet on the dock for a moment when we heard a burst of commotion. All of the counselors, Angus, and Ben ran pell-mell, yelling and whooping to the far side of the dock where Himself was sitting silently. Looking up and seeing them coming he calmly tossed his financial magazine a few feet from his chair and simultaneously slipped his feet out of his sandals and kicked them aside. He face took on a look of resolve. He folded his hands together and waited the few seconds it took for the gang to fling themselves upon him.

In a rather orderly manner, obviously they had planned this well, they picked up Himself, still in the folding chair and scuffled their way down the length of the dock to it’s edge. At that point the group paused briefly before they tossed Himself, chair and all, into the lake.

Stoic thru it all!

The whole time my husband’s expression was one of unshakable courage. And, he never made a sound. 

We watched, from our vantage point in the water, as he plunged into the lake and quickly sunk out of sight. The first thing to surface was his empty Diet Coke can, then his baseball hat, and then Himself. 

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