A nice recovery

“Do you feel well enough to go?” I asked Mitch as I patted his shoulder.

“Close. Maybe in another minute.” Mitch took some deep breaths and wiped the wet paper towels across his face. His color was pretty much back to normal. He pulled at the neck of his wet t-shirt and fanned himself. I poured him some cool water into a paper cup and gave it to him. He thanked me and drank it quickly.

“OK. No rush. I’m just going to start pulling out the dinner medications for the campers.” I said as I grabbed the campers cups, and opened the medication cupboard door.

“So what are you up to next, Chelsea?” Mitch asked as they both glanced at the clock.


“Oh wow! I didn’t realize it was that late. I have to go soon and get the belay ropes set up at the wall for the climbing club.” Chelsea responded. 

“That’s my fault that it is so late. I’m afraid I took up a lot of your afternoon off with my crazy needle phobia. I am so sorry.”

“Oh don’t be!” Chelsea said as she waved her hand dismissively.

“Can I make it up to you by helping you get set up for your club?” Mitch said as he slowly stood up and tossed the paper towels into the garbage can.

“I would love your help!” Chelsea blushed as she clapped her hands lightly together.

Mitch slowly shuffled towards the door as Chelsea, with a protective hand outstretched behind the small of Mitch’s back, followed. Chelsea gave me a quick wink behind his back. I smiled back conspiratorially.

“Just gotta change my shirt real quick, if that’s OK?” Mitch indicated towards the wet, clinging shirt that was stuck to his torso. 

“Sure, sure.” Chelsea said softly.

“Oh hey Nurse Anne! I almost forgot to say thank you!” Mitch slapped his forehead as he turned back towards me. Mitch grabbed me in a huge bear hug and lifted my feet off the floor! “Thanks so much.” He said with a voice that was muffled in my shoulder.

“You are most certainly welcome, Mitch.” I said breathlessly as his muscular arms held me around the chest and he swung me gently from side to side. After a couple of seconds he put me back down.”When is your next shot due?” I asked as I grabbed the counter and regained my balance. 

“Not for six long months.” Mitch responded with a grin and a thumbs up. 

“May I make a suggestion?”


“Maybe lie down on a bed when they do it next time.”

“Good idea!” Mitch pointed a finger at me. Chelsea nodded behind him.

I turned back to the medications, making sure I had the right medication for the right camper.  I could hear Mitch and Chelsea amiably chatting as they walked down the hall. 

Hmmmmm. Perhaps the start of a new camp romance?

❤ in the air?

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