Everyone makes mistakes

“You guys go down for breakfast. I’ll see you later.” I watched my family go and then I gathered my stash of supplies, locked up the office and headed in the opposite direction towards the Arts ‘n Crafts building.

As I exited the main house I noticed that very few kids were lined up for breakfast. Seems like they were all slow getting out of bed this morning. A week at camp, with it’s constant physical activity and high energy, had sapped them! Not surprizing really.

I made my way through the forest and down the steps into the Arts ‘n Crafts foyer. I stopped and looked over the small balcony. Joe was sitting at one of the craft tables making a colourful friendship bracelet while Tim was bent over the eye wash station with the tap water flowing into his eyes.
I ran down the remainder of the steps and turned into the room. Joe and Tim looked up as I entered, holding the supplies out.
“Got some things for you.” I indicated as I put the items on the table. “Is the eye wash helping at all Tim?” Tim grabbed some paper towels and patted his face dry.
“Oh yes. A lot I think. It’s killing my back though with the bending over.” Tim said as he hyperextended his back trying to relieve the stiffness.
“Well maybe the Tylenol will help with both. I have an eye patch you can tape over your eye when you are done flushing. Sometimes keeping it closed gives you some relief. I am so sorry that I wasn’t aware of how painful your eye was last night, Tim. I really wish I had talked to you and gotten the scoop.” And assessed the situation entirely! Idiot. I cursed myself again. 
“I think the counselors were kinda pissed off at me so they probably thought I deserved it.”
“Why would they think that?” That seemed cruel.
“Cuz we were having a bug spray fight in the hut but I trumped everyone with their lame pump bug sprays when I pulled out the contraband DEET aerosol spray. But…then I went and sprayed myself in the face so it kind of back fired.” Tim looked pretty sheepish.
“Literally.” I said dryly. 
“Ya, I guess, eh?” Tim laughed softly. 
“Seriously, Tim? A bug spray fight? That’s a thing?” Now I saw why the couselors probably did not have much empathy for Tim. That was no reason to ignore his pain, however. But I imagined the counselors likely did not have any idea how much injury his eye had sustained either. It sure was obvious this morning though!
“Wellllll….I guess we made it a thing.” Tim shrugged again. I just looked at him in astonishment. 
“Welllll….let’s never do that again, OK?” Tim nodded enthusiastically. I turned to Joe. “Maybe you need to do a sweep and get rid of all the bug sprays in the Bear Hut, Joe.” 
“Already done.” Joe said as he looked up from his friendship bracelet. “The guys involved know that we are pretty disappointed with them. Considering they are all LIT 1’s and possible future leaders of Camp Acorn, it’s kind of a big deal.” 
“I realize now how stupid it was. Believe me.” Tim said as he pointed to his eye and shook his head slowly.
“OK Tim. Lessons learned for all of us. Forgive yourself and move on.” Good advice for both of us. 



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