Mountains out of molehills and vice versa.

“I had better get back to breakfast. Got meds to give out afterwards. I will see you later Dr. Holmes. Thank you again for your advice.”

“You are welcome. I will see you at mass.” Dr. Holmes said. “Have to try and find my wife…” He mumbled as he wandered off towards the beach.

I ran up the back steps and entered the dining hall. Breakfast was just finishing up. I sat down in my spot at the Director’s table. It was pretty full today. Not only was my little family sitting at the table but Barb was there this morning with Yvonne and Shelby. She was back from the hospital and stacking the children’s dishes into a pile for Yvonne to take into the kitchen.

“Barb! So good to see you!” I gave her a hug. “How is Bill? I asked as I looked at her. She had dark circles under tired eyes.

“Doing much better, thank you Anne. He still has an I.V. and lots of wires attached to him, but he is almost off the oxygen now.  He’s on two new medicines to help with the blood clot. They are still doing blood work everyday to monitor his clotting and also checking for a possible cause for the embolism. Still no answers on that. But we are hoping he will be back at camp in a couple of days.”

“That is good news! I’m so glad that he went in.”

“He was really stunned, Anne. He was convinced that you were all making a mountain out of a molehill, but he started to think otherwise when they put oxygen on him in the emergency room.”

Hard to tell

“Denial is common.” I told Barb. “I’m just glad we didn’t let him blow it off. That would have been a disaster.” Barb nodded and  I gave her another hug as my thoughts drifted to Tim, my other disaster. “So you are back in time for Visitor’s Day!”

“Yes. Bill and I talked and we didn’t want Father Brian to wrestle it by himself. I will take on some of Bill’s duties and we will carry on!”

“I could have done it!” Father Brian piped up.

“No doubt.” Barb said cheerfully. “But Bill is well cared for in the hospital, so I felt I could be of more use here.”

“Well, I would never turn down help on Visitor’s Day.” Father Brian shook his head and rubbed his hands together.

“Oh hey, Father, speaking of the hospital…we are down one camper. Tim Maxwell’s parents are taking him into town to the emergency room to have his eye assessed as per Dr. Holmes’ recommendation.” I told him.

“I heard about this eye injury at the morning meeting.” Father looked discouraged. “Now, there’s a situation that did get blown off. There was plenty of discussion about preventing this from happening in the future. I sure hope his eye is alright.”

“Me too.” I said grimly.

“Looks like our camper numbers are back up by one!” Barb tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the commotion going on at the Bear Hut table.

I looked up and saw Ted! With a huge smile on his face, he had his shirt pulled up and was showing off his fresh, pink appendectomy scars to all the LIT I’s.







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