Cleaning up


I locked up the office and turned down the hall towards the balcony. The main house was silent but as I stepped out onto the balcony I could hear the noise of frenetic activity. Even from deep in the forest, the distant sounds of voices could be heard. Campers and counselors were picking up garbage, raking the surroundings, sweeping out the huts, pulling drying towels and bathing suits off the laundry lines. The place was really shaping up!

In the distance, I could see more cars pouring into the camp entrance. Two counselors were acting as parking attendants, directing cars into spaces all along the main road.

I headed back to my room. I needed to find a clean shirt. Well…at least clean looking… When I entered my room the kids looked up. They were playing a card game on the floor. Himself was lying on his back on the lower bunk reading the newspaper. I closed the door.

I checked out the kids. They appeared to be mostly clean. Some of the items even appeared to match. Good enough. My camp standards were definitely different from my city standards.

“You guys ready for church on the beach?” I asked the kids as I stood in front of the shelves and reviewed my options for a shirt for church.

“On the beach?” Daughter One asked, incredulous.

“Yup. On the beach. That’s how they do it at camp.”

“Coooooool!” Daughter Two said excitedly.

“I need to find a clean shirt to wear.” I mumbled.

“Lydia dropped off this shirt for you.” Himself said as he tossed a dark green polo shirt at my head.

I pulled it off my face where it landed. It was a brand new polo shirt with the Camp Acorn icon and ‘Camp Staff’ written on the pocket.

“Well, well, will you look at that! A clean shirt! Huh! Ask and you shall receive!”

I pulled my dirty top off and threw it onto Himself’s face. I pulled the new polo on. It was huge. It fell to my knees. It resembled a muumuu. I looked up at Himself and laughed.

“Looks more like a dress.” Himself said as he threw my dirty top back at me. “But, I bet it smells better than this one.”

“No kidding. I don’t think I have any clean clothes anymore.” I shrugged and threw my dirty top onto the top shelf. “Hopefully the visitors are not too judgmental.”

“You look ridiculous!” Himself said with a snort.

Ooooo, so fashionable!

“Well thanks Mr. Judgey McJudgerson!” I said rather disgusted. “When do you leave?” I asked as I gathered up the bottom of the shirt and tied a knot in it at my waist. I rolled the sleeves up.

“I will head home after lunch.” Himself responded.

“Is this better?” I asked as I did a spin and modeled the shirt.

“Much!” Himself nodded approvingly. I looked at my watch.

Much better!

“Let’s get going guys. Mass starts in ten minutes.” I clapped my hands together, trying to get the kid’s attention. The kids dropped their cards on the floor and Himself folded the paper up. I grabbed my back pack and put the sticky notes and pen into the front compartment.

“Work never ends, eh?” Himself said as he watched me.

“Nope. I don’t think it will end until I drive the family van off the property on Saturday morning.”

“Six days.” Himself nodded.

“Six days…”

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