Trippa ladies in da house!

The LIT staff hurried out of the kitchen and placed bowls of spaghetti on the tables tearing through the dining hall like tornadoes. Campers burst into the dining hall and, sure enough, the noise levels skyrocketed. Yvonne’s eyes opened and she sat up startled. Her nap was over!

Himself held his arms out. “And there we have it.” He nodded. “Seems worse then normal. More like standing beside a dragster level instead of the usual rock concert level.” He noted as he looked around.

“The girl trippers have arrived, so the hormone levels are high.” Father Brian yelled over the clamor.

“What?!” Himself asked looking shocked.

“There is a group of six teenage girls who leave on their primitive trip tomorrow morning to Algonquin park. They will return on Friday.” I explained.

“Girls go tripping too?” Himself looked perplexed.

“Welcome to the 21st century, honey. Try not to be so blatantly sexist.” I patted him on the arm. I didn’t mention that I myself had been surprised by the female trippers just an hour prior.

With that, Marcy lead her gang of girl trippers into the dining hall. The noise levels increased to that of rapid gunfire. I watched as these confident young women strutted in, as if in slow motion, hair blowing, shy smiles. They. Were. Bad. Ass.

We be da tripper gurlz

They sat at an extra picnic table that had been brought in especially for them. I smiled with open admiration for these young women. I looked over at the Bear Hut campers and noticed they smiled with open longing. Wow! One week out of rotation and it was like these guys had never seen girls before.

Well hello ladies!

Muddy smacked one of the Bear Hut guys across the back of the head as he put his fingers in his mouth in preparation to wolf whistle. “Oh no you don’t! Settle down guys!” I could hear him say.

Camp Acorn had gone girl crazy.



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