Things to look forward to

As I was finishing with Gregory, the last of the hormonal campers, Barb poked her head into the Health office.

“I’m going up to the cottage to get everything set up for us. I’ve got child care arranged for you for the rest of the night. Come up as soon as you are done here, OK?”

A huge grin spread across my face. I had forgotten Barb’s invitation for wine at the cottage.

“Bless you!” I said aloud to Barb. “Hold on, sister. There is wine.” I said to myself.

For a glass of wine?

I sent Gregory out and thanked Ashley and Dave profusely as they followed him. I sat down and set to work writing the list of campers, their temperatures, assessment findings and treatment in my nursing notes. Midway through I heard someone enter the office and I turned.

Himself stood in the middle of the office with a backpack and a duffel bag hanging from his shoulder.

“Time for this happy camper to go home.” Himself said as he put his bags on the exam table.

“Are you gonna miss camp so much that you cry all the way home?” I gave him a sad smile.

I never wanna leave camp

“No.” Himself said without hesitation. “Camp is great for kids but my neck, my back and my ears will be happy to return to civilization.”

“They don’t call it ‘roughing it’ for nothing.”


“Well, I will miss you.” I got up, wrapped my arms around his waist and lay my head on his chest. He hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. We stood there quietly.

“You have another five days of camp nursing adventures ahead. That’s something to look forward to.”

I laughed. “Ugh! Five days! I’m just looking forward to a glass of wine with Barb tonight.” I sighed with a feeling of exhaustion that suddenly overcame me.

“Whatever gets you through.” Himself responded. We got quiet again, still standing in our embrace.

Chubby and Angus seemingly popped out of nowhere.

“Side hugs only you two!” Chubby yelled.

“Ya! Social safety!” Angus bellowed.

Himself, with one fluid motion, reached out and swung the Health office door closed.

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