Say ‘no’ to vengeance.

I kissed Himself goodbye and gave him a final hug for the road. He grabbed his bags and left my office as I watched him go. I folded my arms and leaned against the door, I frowned, preoccupied.

Angus stepped out of his room. “You look deep in thought.”

“I am. ”

“Anything I can help with?”

“Actually you might be just the person.” I looked at Angus with an evil grin as I considered the possibilities.

“What is it?” Angus looked at me with skepticism.

“Oh…just a little revenge.” Angus’ face lit up. “Chubby! Chubby! Come here. Nurse Anne needs our help.” Angus called into their room and Chubby’s head popped out around the corner.

“What kinda help do you need?” Chubby asked, full of curiosity.

“The best kind: revenge.” Angus delightedly smiled at Chubby. Chubby’s eyes widened and his face broke into an enormous grin.

Revenge! Ha ha ha ha!

“That’s my favorite type of project. Details please.” Chubby looked to me, intently. I waved the guys into my office and they both sat on the examination table. I closed the office door and sat in my desk chair.

“Jake told me the story about the ‘Infamous Panty Raid of 1987’ on the tripper girls that was a blight on Camp Acorn’s reputation.”

“Never heard of it.” Angus said. Chubby shook his head.

“Exactly. It never happened.”

“Ahhh. Typical camp stuff. Three-quarters of what you hear at camp is fiction. You know that, right?” Chubby looked at me with a smirk.

“I have seen that during my first week of camp, but he really had me going. I was all concerned. So now all I can think about is revenge.” I paused. What was I thinking. Revenge on a teenager? “Never mind guys. Change of heart. I realize I’m being terrible. It was just a joke. I need to laugh it off and move on.”

Chubby and Angus looked at me and nodded. Then they looked at each other.

“That is certainly the adult thing to do.” Angus said to Chubby.

“Absolutely. No need to be vindictive. Stoop to his level, etc, etc.” Chubby said to Angus.

“Exactly!” I nodded.

“Pretty funny, though, Nurse Anne! He had you, eh?” Angus pointed at me and laughed.

“Hook, line, and sinker, eh?” Chubby added as he hopped down from the examination table and started for the door as Angus followed.

“He did indeed. ‘Panty Raid of 1987’!” We all laughed.

So gullible








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