Cheese and chill

“You are waaaay to kind.” I said to Barb as I sat back into the patio chair and let the rich dark wine warm me from the inside. I took a deep breath and relaxed. I felt the blush in my cheeks begin to fade. Barb’s compliment had embarrassed me. I did not feel like a fantastic nurse. I had made mistakes. I considered these as I grabbed a couple of slices of Swiss cheese and lined up the holes. Stupid Swiss cheese theory. I silently reprimanded myself as repeated my new mantra, ‘strive for progress not perfection’. I took a large sip of the wine. “Mary and all the saints! This little reprieve is divine!” I said as I shook a plaid napkin out, placed it on my lap and bit into the cheese.

“It’s what keeps me sane. A few moments to watch the sun set, collect my thoughts and reflect on the day. Prepare for the next.” Barb said with a sigh and then took a sip of her wine.img_0311

“I think the counselors call it chillaxing.” I giggled.

“That’s exactly what we are doing!  Chillaxing.” Barb nodded.

“I have to say that I so enjoy the counselors. That has been a splendid surprise! I hadn’t thought that I would meet so many fantastic young people. Who knew?”

“The counselors are the backbone of camp. We are blessed with this beautiful property and the campers have the opportunity to participate in so many activities, but Camp Acorn is defined by our counselors.”

“They have so much energy and creativity.” I said as I thought back to the Navy Seals club and the All Camp.

Creative energy

“Yup. Camp is a great outlet for both the kids and for the counselors.”

“And for some adults too…” I grinned as I had a flashback to my role as the villain nurse on Friday night.


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