Scaredy bear

“And so I ran. Away from theeeeeeeeere!” I screeched as I dashed toward the main house.

“Anne! What is the matter with you?” Father Brian called to me as he leaned over the railing of the second floor balcony. Danielle, standing beside him, had a curious expression on her face. I craned my neck to look upward as I came to an abrupt stop. Danielle and Father Brian looked down at me. I was now bathed in the warm glow of the lights from the main house.

I pointed back towards the darkened road. “I…I just saw a couple of bears.”

Scary bear

“Are they chasing you?” Father asked as he looked out towards the dark woods.

“No. They were headed towards the beach, but I wasn’t taking any chances.” I looked quickly over my shoulder and started to run up the stairs into the main house and then I took the stairs two at a time. I met Danielle and Father on the balcony as I stopped to catch my breath.

“Were they a good size?” Danielle asked.

“It looked like a mother and baby bear. They came out of the woods when I startled them. I started singing and then they headed away from camp, towards the beach and the main road.”

“I will call the maintenance guys and have them make sure there is no more sign of them on the camp grounds.” Father said with a look of concern.

“Maybe should you call Barb too?” I asked thinking of her with the two girls in the cottage that was close to the main road.

“Good idea.”Father said as he briskly headed up the stairs towards the office.

“You have some campers waiting for you outside the health office, Anne.” Danielle told me as I glanced at my watch. I was right on time.

“That’s where I am headed.” I told Danielle as I turned to leave. “Hey Danielle…I owe you a debt of my gratitude.”

“Really, why is that?”

“If you hadn’t encouraged me to join you running, I might have been a bear appetizer tonight.”

“Oh!” Danielle laughed. “You are welcome. I noticed your form on your sprint there was looking strong! And your stamina has improved.”

“Thank you!” I smiled.

“Now, as for your singing, next time you sing, you should try singing tenor.” Danielle suggested.

“Tenor?” I asked, confused. I thought I was more of an alto.

“Ya. Ten or fifteen miles down the road.” Danielle smirked and then busted a gut. “Cuz that WAS scary!”

Making your ears bleed

“I have sick children to attend to.” I said as I sniffed and walked away. Danielle continued to cackle.

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