Pests of all shapes & sizes!

I took Thomas’ temperature and listened to his heart and lungs just to be thorough. Thankfully I didn’t hear anything unusual.

“OK Thomas. You are good to go!” I patted him on the shoulder. “You sure are lucky, Thomas, to have a kind big brother like Kurt, eh?” I said as I smiled at Kurt. “It’s really nice to see.”

“Camp Acorn tells us to look out for the little guy. So, I’m doing that I guess.” Kurt told me with a shrug.

“Mum told us the bestest gift she could ever give us was each other!” Thomas piped up.

“That’s so beautiful.” I whispered as I felt a lump form in my throat.

“Honestly though, Nurse Anne, I really would have rather had a Playstation instead.” Kurt said with a sly grin and a sideways glance at Thomas.

I watched as Thomas’ eyes widened and he frowned. He gave Kurt’s arm a quick jab. “Whaaat?”

“Ouch!” Kurt laughed as he rubbed his arm. “I was just kidding! I love having a little brother to beat up.”

“OK, bye guys.” I said as the tender moment was over.”Take care of each other and I will see you later.” I said as I gently guided them to the door as they play punched at each other. “Rob? You can take these two back to their hut.” I called out to the inert lump on the couch.

Rob jumped up from the couch in one swift move. “Let’s go you little moths,” he flapped his arms mimicking fluttering wings. Kurt and Thomas followed suit. I watched the three of them giggle and flutter out the door and down the stairwell. I rolled my eyes.

I went back into the health office and opened the cupboard above the sink. I surveyed the books and quickly found the handbook of communicable diseases. I sat down in my chair as I thumbed through the references at the back of the book. I trailed my finger along the page and found it. ‘Swimmers itch’. Aha!

Schistosomiasis was also known as snail fever.


‘Larvae of birds and mammals penetrate the skin of human bathers but do not mature. It causes a dermatitis.’ I read. Then I shivered.

Larvae, cacoons, and caterpillars, oh my! I was doomed to nightmares. Definitely doomed.

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