Coffee and revenge

Again, I quietly opened my bedroom door and then carefully scanned the floor for painful objects before I proceeded. I used my foot to kick aside rocks and cars so that I might make it safely to bed. I placed my backup Tums on the bedside table.

I climbed up the ladder and crawled into my sleeping bag. My foot stung. The thought of tetanus flashed through my head. Nope. No tetanus for me thank you very much. I let my body melt into the bed. The wine induced acid reflux was better by half but not gone. I grabbed another Tum and chewed it.

I drifted off into a fitful sleep as either my foot or the reflux would waken me. When I did sleep I had brief vivid dreams of a bear chasing Fred and Ted, larvae burrowing out of Tim’s purulent eyeball, panty raids and Drew with the squirts. It was not a refreshing siesta.

I woke as the sun light poured in around our curtain. My hips were achy from the thin mattress. I was still exhausted and briefly wondered if I could manage to schedule a nap sometime today.

I could hear my son’s gentle breathing in the bunk below me. I glanced at the clock and saw that I had 45 minutes until the wake up call. I figured  I might as well get up and get myself organized before bedlam reined down.

I climbed down the ladder. My foot still stung as I stepped on it and I was reminded that I needed to tidy up our little room…later. I stealthily changed into shorts and a t-shirt and readied myself for Monday.

My first priority was coffee.

I went down to the dining hall and headed straight to the coffee maker. I was delighted to discover a fresh pot had been brewed!

“Thank you coffee fairy, whomever you are!” I said out loud.

I grabbed a cup from the kitchen as I nodded and waved at Shawn who was in the middle of making french toast. He had his tunes blaring from his stereo, so conversation was almost impossible.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and then went directly up to the health office and put out the morning meds. I double checked my medication administration records to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Then I grabbed my joke book from the shelf and wrote the joke of the day on the white board.”What did the beaver say to the tree? It’s been nice gnawing you!” I smiled as I wrote it. The health tip of the day was about applying plenty of sunblock.

I sat down on my desk chair, took off my sandal and examined the bottom of my foot in the daylight. It looked fine. I had a nice one inch laceration, but it wasn’t deep at all. I washed it off with some soap and water and then I applied a thin line of anti-bacterial cream. It was soothing. Good to go. I strapped my sandal back on and washed my hands.

I grabbed my coffee and looked at the clock. I had about ten minutes before wake up call. I decided I would finish my coffee on the second floor balcony and enjoy a few more minutes of peace. I snuck down the hall and stepped out onto the balcony and walked to the far end. I placed my coffee cup on the balcony railing. I stretched my arms above my head as I looked out over the camp and the surrounding forest. I heard  my back crack. It felt sooooo gooood. I had another sip of coffee.

The sky looked clear today but there was a bit of a wind. That would be good for the sailing and windsurfing instructions, I thought as I rested my arms on the railing and cradled my coffee cup. I heard the flag snap as it was gently blowing in the breeze. That’s when I noticed the boxers. There were four of them attached to the flag rope with laundry pins just below the flag. They were also gently blowing the breeze.

Boxers in the breeze

“What the…” I thought. Then I laughed out loud. I guess there had been a panty raid of sorts last night. Not quite what I had imagined, but definitely a panty raid. And if I had to guess who’s boxers those were, I would guess they belonged to Jake. I nodded and then shook my head. I hated to admit it but revenge was sweet. I raised my cup in a toast.

Coffee and revenge

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