Making camp history

“A sore throat, eh?” Chelsea said as we stepped out of the office. “Think they will fall for that little white lie?”

“You really don’t have to tell them any details. It’s really nobody’s business but your own.”

“Ha! That’s just it. I’m having problems with my business!” Chelsea looked back at me and we both chuckled. “I’m taking lady troubles to a higher level. Waaay higher. I’m in deep trouble!” We laughed again. img_2004

“Good luck, sister.” I said to Chelsea.

“Guys!” I heard Chelsea greet her fellow counselors in her room. “Who wants to sub for my instructions today?”

I found the kids in my bedroom. They had pulled the rocks and cars out from under the bunk bed and had made a rather elaborate road system for the Matchbox cars. So much for tidying up. I had to admit though, it was very impressive.

“Let’s go.” I shouted over Radio Acorn. The kids got up and started down the hallway. I followed behind them and admired their bed head as we went down the stairs.

“When was the last time your head saw a comb?” I asked the kids.

“I can’t remember,” Daughter One responded.

“Probably back at home,” Daughter Two answered thoughtfully. My son just shrugged.

I looked down at my filthy toes peeking out of my sandals. We had completely acclimated to camp.

Down in the dining hall the LITs were busy setting up for breakfast and the tripper girls were already finishing up their meal. My three kids rushed over to Angus, sitting at the head counselor’s table, and immediately started to acost him.

“Morning ladies. You got an early start!” I greeted the trippers.

“Yes! We are leaving in about a half hour for Algonquin. We have pretty full day of paddling and a one kilometer portage ahead of us before we set up camp for the night.” Brianna told me cheerfully.

I shook my head as I considered humping a 60 pound backpack for a kilometer through the forest. “I still don’t get it ladies, but I admire your spunk. Have a safe trip!”

“Thanks Nurse Anne!” The trippers called back to me.

I went over to the head counselor table where the kids were tormenting Angus. Caroline, Muddy, Beth, Chubby and Lydia were sipping on coffees.

“Anyone interested in helping me with a clean hands inspection?”

“I wanna help!” Caroline chirped.

Angus’ hand shot up in the air. “Me please!”

“Me too!” Chubby added excitedly.

“I’ve never done the inspection before though. What do I need to know?” Caroline asked.

“Its a bit of a dirty job, but Angus and Chubby know aaaaalll about dirty jobs. They will teach you.” I said as I grinned slyly.

“Ooooooohh!” The entire head counselor’s table groaned and laughed. Apparently they had also noticed Jake’s boxers on the flagpole.

“Ha! Stop, drop, and roll! You guys got burned!” Lydia cackled. “This one will go down as ‘The infamous boxer raid of 1998!'”img_2003

“Glad to be a part of history in the making.” I said as I clapped Chubby on the back.

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