Surveying the damage

As I looked down at my outstretched hand holding the finger tip a hodgepodge of thoughts swirled through my head.

“EWWW! You have a freaking finger tip in your hand. Why, oh,why did you not put on some gloves you idiot? Hepatitis anyone? What did you think you would find in there? Al has literally given me the middle finger.”


What I said was, “Oh there it is.” Lame.

Al and I looked closely at it. It looked like a waxy impression of a fingertip and nail.

“Dang!” Al said. Except he didn’t say dang, really. He said another more colorful word that was slightly inappropriate for a church camp for kids. I flinched.

Shawn returned with the first aid kit. I had him open some gauze packets and he ran back into the kitchen mumbling something as he went. I placed the finger tip on one of the pieces of gauze.

“What do I do now?”

I began to wrap Al’s degloved finger in the clean gauze as it slowly oozed blood. I taped it securely. Al winced.

“I’m thinking you probably should have a doctor look at your finger. I’m not sure if they will give you some pain medicines, maybe an antibiotic. Tetanus shot possibly. I’m not sure. I can give you some acetaminophen for now.” I said calmly.

Shawn returned with a small zip-lock bag full of ice. He tossed it on top of the first aid kit. I gave him a puzzled look. He shrugged and gingerly picked up the gauze with the finger tip on it and placed the gauze into the ice bag.

“I need to call my boss. I have a truck load of food that I won’t be able to deliver today.” Al commented.

“I agree. That sounds like it might be a challenge with your injured finger.”

“Will I need surgery to reattach my fingertip?” Al asked.

“I don’t believe so. I don’t think there is anything salvageable there.” I nodded towards the zip-lock bag. It was just a nail and skin. A nail and skin on ice.

“Will my nail grow back?” Al asked.

“I believe it depends on how much damage was done to the nail bed. Time will tell.”

“Will I get a discount on a manicure?” Al joked.

“Probably. I would guess a 10% discount.” I retorted.

“Ah ha ha ha! Good one, Nurse!” Al chuckled.

“I’m here all week. Try the veal.”

“I didn’t bring you any veal. The chicken nuggets are good though.” Al told me.

“Thanks for the tip.” I said.

We both busted a gut.

Try the chicken nuggets!

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  1. mary.chesser mary.chesser says:

    Oh my. What pain. Dad curling in the Ontario Stick Spiel until Wed. Very quiet here. Love Mom


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