Lessons, leadership, and just plain fun

I ran upstairs and grabbed some acetaminophen from the office and brought it back down to Al. He gratefully accepted it and thanked me for my assistance. He was waiting on a ride home and a co-worker to pick up the load and complete the deliveries. I wished him luck and headed back into the dining hall.

The dining hall was full of campers. They were in the midst of their ‘rainy day’ instructions. One group was doing ‘trust falls’ from the picnic tables, another group was practicing mouth to mouth resuscitation on the dining hall floor and a third group was untangling themselves from a human knot. It looked like they were making great use of their time. Lessons and leadership building.

I ran up to the health office to set up for lunch time medications. That’s when I noticed the note on my desk.

“Anne: We will need a first aid kit for for Survivor Night. Thanks!

PS: It’s a secret, so please do not mention it to the LIT 2’s!”

Survivor night! Alex, Malcolm and Scott had told me about it. I was still blown away by the idea of these 16 year old kids trying to survive a night with minimal provisions as they were abandoned on an island. I imagined it would be a muddy mess after a day of rain. I had heard that it was supposed to clear up this afternoon, so at least they wouldn’t have to survive a night in the rain. That was a blessing, I suppose?!

I set to work refilling the first aid kit. After it was replenished I sorted through the evening medications for the LITs and organized those into zip-lock bags with instructions. I made sure that there was plenty of acetaminophen, ibuprofen and antihistamines for the LITs if they needed it. Then I set out the lunch time meds.

I placed the filled first aid kit on the exam table. I flipped over the note and wrote “Done. Good luck! Mum’s the word!” on the back of it and left it there.

I headed back up to my room and snuggled back into my son’s sleeping bag on the lower bunk. I fell asleep to the sounds of dripping from the clean laundry drying and the raindrops outside.

I woke about forty minutes later when my son burst into the room. I sat up , slightly alarmed and looked at him.

“Mum! Your hair is cwazy!” He told me as he looked at me skeptically.

Cwazy hair

I felt my hair. It was only partially dry and felt like it was sticking up in all directions. “True bro, but you are green!” I said as I raised my eyebrow. “Annnnnd…I can put a hat on to cover my hair, but I’m not sure how we solve your problem…” He laughed hysterically as he danced around.

The little guy really was green.green





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  1. Mary Ann Chesser says:

    I remember that. What fun!


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