Prom queens and germs for lunch

“So what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m a germ, Mum,” he answered me with a look that suggested it was obvious.

“Oh! And why are you a germ?”

“For fun.”

“OK.” I nodded. I couldn’t argue with that. “Well, do you want to have a shower to scrub that paint off before we go down for lunch?”

“Nope,” he responded as he crawled under the bunk bed and found one Matchbox car and began to play with it.

“OK.” I nodded again. I briefly considered how toxic wearing paint would be as I went next door to the girl’s room. The door was closed, so I knocked before I peeked in there.

“Are there more germs in here?” I asked.

“Nooooo!” They responded with giggles as I walked into the room. They were both wearing ill fitting dresses, long necklaces, and enormous high heels.

“Ooooh myyyyyyyy….” I said in awe as I took it all in. Patrick came running in behind me and plopped down on the floor. “So no swimming lessons today? Dress up instead?”IMG_3038

“We did some rescues and first aid in the drama room.” Sarah explained.

“And mouse to mouse refufasation.” Patrick added as he drove his car in circles around himself on the floor.

“But then it got so boring, Mum. So we did some improv games that Anita and Sammy taught us.” Megan added.

“Improv?” I asked.

“We did this one game where Sammy told us about a day in her life and then we and had to act it out in one minute.” Sarah explained.

A day in the life…

“That sounds fun.”

“Ya and then we acted it out in thirty seconds and then in only fifteen seconds and then in five seconds. So we had to get faster and faster and faster.” Megan giggled.

“That actually sounds hysterical.” I smiled.

“And then we did some dress up and Patrick wanted to be painted like the Hulk but he’s so small we decided he was a germ instead.”

“Grrrr. I’m a gerrrrrrrrm.” Patrick lifted his head up to sneer at me.

“And then he ran around the Art’s and Craft room and he growled at each of the campers and then Sarah and I put on a fashion show.” Megan added.

“So you were entertaining the troops.”

“Ya. They liked it. They clapped for us.” Sarah told me.

“Do you think this paint will ever come off?” I asked the girls as I looked at Patrick’s paint job. I heard the lunch bell ringing.

“Anita said it was mixed with soap so it should come off easy-peasy.”

“And Anita said it’s nontoxic, Mum. So don’t worry.” Megan reassured me.

“That is a relief, honestly. Are you guys ready for lunch?”


“Did you…maybe….want to change for lunch?” I said as I looked at the three of them.

“No.” All three chimed.

“OK then. I get to eat lunch with two prom queens and a germ. Only at camp…” I said as I started towards the dining hall with the three of them following behind.






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