Lunch time parade


We arrived for lunch moments after the campers had sat down at their tables. I sat down beside Barb. Yvonne and Shelby, I noted, were also dressed to the nines for lunch.  Barb and I exchanged grins.

Sammy and Anita hurried over to the kids, bent down and spoke with them.  The kids nodded and grabbed hands in a chain and began a tour of the dining hall. I watched as the girls tottered along in their high heels and noted small clumps of mud clinging to their shoes as they went. Barb and I giggled at the sight of them.

Sammy and Anita introduced them to each of the dining tables. Campers and counselors waved, “oohed and ahhed” and applauded as they passed them. It was a bit like a parade and it was so charming to see everyone’s reactions. Patrick ran around behind grimacing and growling and causing a stir wherever he went.


“Only at camp!” Barb leaned over.

“Agreed. I’m so surprised at how many costumes they have at camp! I noticed a closet full of costumes and props in the programming office and there are more in the drama room.”

“Oh yes. Camp loves costumes. During the girls’ session the counselors put on a fashion show during one of the evening programs. It’s a camp highlight!” Barb smiled.

“Ooooh. That sounds fun.” I said and I wondered if I would ever get to see that in my lifetime.

The children returned to the table beaming and happily babbled as the LIT 2’s began to deliver our lunches of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It seemed like the perfect food for a cold and rainy day.

Father Brian came through the dining hall doors and sat down at the table. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at the five kids in their get-ups.

“Looks like you are ready for a fancy gala,” he said to them. The girls laughed. “Except for Patrick…” Father whispered.

“He’s a germ,” I explained.

“Of course he is.” Father Brian nodded. “I cannot recall the last time I had lunch with debutantes and a germ at the rectory. It’s been so long. Too long, really.”

Everyone stood for grace. It warmed my heart to look around at my table. Holding hands and singing grace were a nurse, an artist, a priest, four socialites, and a green germ.

“…bless each of us, our families too. Be at our side in all we do….”






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