First aid kits and four inch heels

“Let me know what I can do to help.”

“You could pack a first aid kit for this trip.” Marcy’s face flushed.

“Will do.” I nodded. “When do you need it?”

“What is the phrase they use in the hospital?” Father Brian asked.

“STAT?” I answered.

“STAT please.”

“I will pack it STAT.”

“Oh and you could say a little prayer for Angus and myself. We will leave as soon as Muddy returns and we can secure a canoe onto the trailer.”

“First aid kit and prayers. Check.” I answered.

“Thanks Anne.” Father Brian and Marcy said in unison as they left.

I pulled another first aid kit down from the shelf and gathered the supplies. I was getting pretty good at it by now. As I was finishing up, restocking the medication bottles, I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked up to find Chelsea leaning against the door jam.

“You doing OK Chelsea?” I asked her gently as I motioned her to come in. I continued to fill up the acetaminophen bottle.

“Much better, thank you.”Chelsea said as she stepped into the office and sat up on the exam table. “I was so nervous and embarrassed but the doctor, who was about 100 years old, was really nice. He said he had seen lots of women with my problem and he, um, like, got things taken care of pretty quickly with his gadget thingy.”

“Oh. Yes, it’s called a speculum.” I tucked the pill bottle into the kit.

“Ya. That thing.” She shuddered involuntarily at the memory. “He found the missing tampon right away. Like, no problem. It hadn’t gotten very far, I guess.” Nervous laughter. “And he said everything looked fine, so I don’t need any medicine or anything.”

“Good news.” I smiled again.

“So, um, he made a comment about women having this done every year. What’s that all about?”

“They call it a pelvic exam. They can do some testing on samples that they collect to check for cancer or transmittable diseases. It’s what they call ‘preventative medicine’. They can catch things early.” I zipped up the first aid kit.

“Women go through that every year?” Chelsea’s eye widened.

“Yah.” I scoffed. “It’s not my favorite annual event. I much prefer Halloween or Christmas.”

“Legs in the stirrups, the cold metal gadget, the goopy stuff?”

“Yah. All of that.” I said as Chelsea’s face turned white.

“Sometimes I hate being a woman. Bras, periods, four inch heels, lower salaries, and now THIS.” Chelsea said as she hopped off the exam table and headed for the door. I grabbed the first aid kit and followed her out.

“I concur.” I said. “Although I must admit that I do appreciate a nice heel.

I do appreciate a nice heel

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