I took slow deep breaths to stave off the nausea. It seemed to work to settle my stomach, so  I took another long look over my left shoulder and drank in the lush panorama. It was breath taking and exhilarating. What an incredible gift!

“Coming down now, Anne,” Anita said.

Sammy and Anita slowly lowered me. Once my feet touched ground the crowd cheered again and I raised my arms in triumph. “Woo hoo!” I cheered.

Standing on the ground I felt the aching in my calves return. I knew I would be feeling that soreness for a day or two. As Anita helped me out of the harness, I started to struggle with my helmet. My hands were seemingly frozen into claws, they were so fatigued from grasping the holds. I had to stretch out my fingers to get them to loosen up.

I stepped out of the harness and gave both Anita and Sammy hugs. “Thanks so much! That was a killer! I had no idea how difficult climbing was, but the view made it worthwhile.”

“No problem, Anne,” Anita smiled. “I’m glad we got to help you achieve that!”

I stiffly walked over to the bench. “You did it, Mum!” Megan clapped.

“Yup. Thanks for the encouragement. I never considered even trying wall climbing.”

“Sometimes you have to wander outside of your comfort zone, Mum.” Sarah told me. I looked at her and grinned. “That’s where the magic happens,” she waved her hands in a grand gesture.

“Oh, OK, little wise one. Where did you learn that philosophy?”

“Here Mum! At camp. Everyday!” Sarah looked at me earnestly. I nodded and laughed.

No argument. The kid was right.


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