“Yes and I do really love that tiara!” Jeff added.

“Yes and those heels are to die for!” Cameron clapped and squealed again.

The next hour of improvisational games kept us thoroughly entertained. Rob and Amy managed to get each of the campers and my three kids up on stage in some capacity. I could see how these activities would encourage creativity and adaptability.

The hour ended with thunderous applause. As we got up to leave, Rob approached us.

“Thanks so much for some great entertainment!” I told Rob.

“I love improv. It forces you to think on your feet. Speaking of feet, Nurse Anne…my toe really hurts. Would you mind looking at it?” Rob stepped his left foot forward and I bent over, hands on my knees to have a gander.

“Sure. What’s going on?” I asked Rob as I looked down. Rob was sporting the ever popular Birkenstock sandals and the ever present perma-dirt on his feet. I could see his left big toe was reddened along the nail edge as it was growing under the skin. “Looks like you have an ingrown toenail, Rob.”

Ingrown toenail

“Is that what’s going on?” Rob asked as we both looked down at his feet. “I haven’t been able to wear shoes because the toe is so tender.”

Amy came over. “Whatcha looking at?” She asked and then looked down. “Duuuuuude. You need a pedicure. Like big time!” Amy looked at Rob horrified. “Do you even use a nail clipper?”

“I forgot mine at home so I have just been chewing them or ripping them off.” Rob answered. I tried very very hard not to throw up in my mouth.

“Are you serious?” Amy asked aghast.

“Ya. Settle down. It’s not that big of a deal. Lotsa guys chew their toenails. Don’t get all girly on me, Amy!”

“Rob! The thought is so revolting that I’m seriously considering breaking up with you.” Amy whispered as she looked over her shoulders to check to make sure none of the campers were listening. I looked back and forth between the two of them. It was super awkward.

“Amy! Come on! This is camp.” Rob whispered to her.

“Ya it’s camp Rob. A children’s camp. Not a prison camp! I have clippers you can borrow. Ewww. Just ewww.” Amy walked away, disgusted.

“So…come up to my office after dinner, Rob, and we can do a salt soak. I can give you some antibiotic cream and we can see if we can put some cotton under that nail so that it will stop growing under the skin.”

Rob sighed. “Thanks Anne.”

“Oh and I have some clippers too. We can clean up the rest of your nails. Maybe get your girlfriend back?”

“I’m not sure if I want her back. Seems she’s maybe more high maintenance then I thought… Maybe I need to find a new girlfriend.” Rob shook his head as he looked over at Amy.

“Not too sure how many girls would be interested in a toenail-chewing boyfriend, to be honest, Rob. I’m thinking that’s a deal breaker. But…that’s just my opinion. And maybe Amy’s too…” I grimaced. And almost threw up in my mouth again.



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