“See you after dinner.” I told Rob.

Amy and Rob led the Rock hut campers out of the drama room and into the Arts ‘n Crafts room.

“What’s next you three?” I looked at the kids.

“Beach?” Sarah suggested.

“Beach it is! But let’s take the long way.” I said as I grabbed my backpack and exited the drama room and stepped out onto the back deck. I paused as I held the door open for the kids. The sun was starting it’s downward descent. It was hot now. A dip in the lake would be welcome.

I slowly led the kids toward the back trail. We were headed towards the Bear huts but took our time. The path was a shady cool green. We walked along in an amicable silence.  In the distance I could hear soft murmurings.  As we got closer to the Bear Hut meeting room I realized that the LIT 1’s were in there.  We continued walking quietly unnoticed as they were sitting on the floor of the upper story and they were unable to see us from that angle.

“Shhhhhewwwww! Opening the vault. Secretsssss!!!” A voice whispered. I was intrigued.

“I wrapped the coach’s toilets in plastic wrap after football practice one morning.” A second voice whispered.

“Oh ho ho!” Laughter and whistling.

“No you didn’t!!”

“I did. The coach managed to spray himself and had to change his clothes.” More laughter and clapping.

“They never figured out it was me…”

“Secretsssss…” Several voices hissed. “Who’s next?”


I grabbed Patrick’s hand and picked up the pace and motioned to the girls to follow suit. I  didn’t want to hear anymore of the confessional.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ann Chesser says:

    Oh Oh What fun.


  2. Mary Ann Chesser says:

    Camp was so much fun. I remember my family and our days at Bark Lake. Oh we loved it.


    1. amartin65 says:

      Agreed. Idyllic days!


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