As I floated along the Atomic Whirlpool I marveled at the creativity and ingenuity of this simple game. No equipment needed. Twenty six people fully entertained. We repeated the process two more times to my total amusement. I have mentioned that I'm basically a ten year old, yes?!

Adam and Jake then directed the Cord Hut campers to assemble onto the beach for the next game. I decided that I would watch this one, so I wrapped my towel around me and sat in the lawn chair. The kids formed a big circle facing the same direction. My three happily joined in.

"Squeeze in tighter!" Adam directed them. The campers shuffled in closer. "Tighter!" Adam encouraged them. The kids started to giggle as the circle grew smaller and they got closer, wedged in between the camper in front and behind them.

"OK. Now, sit!" Jake yelled.

Campers let out a chorus of whoops and laughter. Then they slowly but surely began to sit onto the knees behind them. When the last camper was sitting they cheered and raised their arms in the air and clapped. "Hooray!"

The cheering and clapping was enough that the stability of the circle was compromised. It quickly collapsed and bodies fell about on the sandy beach, rolling and toppling over each other laughing hysterically.

"Everyone have a seat!" Jake called out to the kids after the laughter had died. The kids finally quieted and sat down around Jake and Adam. "Did you guys notice anything about the two games that we played at the beach?" The campers looked thoughtful. Benjamin raised his hand.

"They were both circles?" Benjamin said uncertainly.

"That's right!" Jake said enthusiastically. "Did you also notice with both games that a circle can be powerful? The lap circle had the strength to hold us up. With the Atomic Whirlpool, the circle had the power to propel all of us around like a tornado."

"The circle moves us all." Adam added excitedly waving his hands around to demonstrate as he looked at the campers. "It moves us all…" Adam took a dramatic pause before he started again. "Through despair and hope." Adam smiled and nodded at the kids.

Whoa! They were getting pretty deep here for a bunch of ten year olds! I continued to listen intently. The kids were enraptured.

Jake took over at this point. "Through faith and love." He added.

So deep. I was fascinated, listening.

"Til we find our place….on the path unwinding…" Adam and Jake sang in unison. The tune seemed vaguely familiar to me. I wracked my brain looking for the source but the campers were way ahead of me.

"IN THE CIRCLE…THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIFE," they all bellowed out.

The Lion King. Of course. Life lessons from a Disney movie.

I chuckled.

Circle of liiiife

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