Office Hours on the Beach

Jake and Adam allowed the Cord Hut campers some free time before general swim. Some of the boys immediately lay their towels out. They pulled out books, cards, magazines or just closed their eyes as they stretched out on their towels in the sun. A large group began to play a game of dodgeball in the shallow end.

My three ransacked the Beach Hut, found all the sand castle building equipment, ran down to the edge of the water and commenced with constructing a new sand castle and moat. Their last had been destroyed when the waterfront had been raked for visitors day. There was no trace of it. Three of the Cord Hut boys joined them. Meanwhile, I sat back in my chair, pulled out a Chatelaine magazine, crossed my legs and started leafing through it.

Chatelaine magazine

Jake sidled up beside me. “Sooooo Nurse Anne! Can I ask you a question?”

“Certainly!” I said as I put the magazine in my lap, rested my clasped hands on top of it and looked up at Jake. “Wazzup?”

“Can you please help me with this?” Jake held out his hand closely under my nose. It was so close that it took my eyes a few seconds to focus on what he was showing me. I pulled my head back.IMG_5451“Looks like a wart.” I said.

“It is. I have been working on it for weeks. I ran out of my Compound W drops and I won’t be able to get into town for at least another week to get more. And it’s starting to grow back. I’m losing headway. Do you have anything in the health office?”

“I don’t, unfortunately. But perhaps you could try the duct tape method?” I said.

“What’s that?” Jake asked dubiously.

“You soak the area in water until it’s soggy, file down the top layer with a nail file and then put duct tape over it for about a week. Reapply the tape if it falls off. Then when you take the duct tape off you can file the wart right off. Voila! It kinda starves it of oxygen I guess. I’ve heard it’s just about as effective as the liquid drops, but I don’t know for suuuuuure. But I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be worth a try at least until someone can pick you up the salicylate drops in town.”

“Is that right, eh? Sounds like it is definitely worth a try!” Adam said nodding. “I can get some duct tape from the tripping office. They have loads! Thanks Nurse Anne. I will give it a shot!”

“No problem Jake!” I said as I gave him a friendly wave. I picked up my magazine again and began to read an article about ‘Why all of Canada hates Toronto’. My head was bent over when I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and saw three Cord Hut campers had formed a short line in front of me.

“Hi Nurse Annnnnne!” Drew waved at me. “Can I ask you a question?”

I️ put my magazine back down in my lap, rested my clasped hands on top of it, took a cleansing breath in and smiled.

“Certainly, Drew. Wazzup?”

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