Old wives?

“Dandruff shampoo? On my man parts?” Adam asked, incredulous. “Are you putting me on?”

“No! Seriously. I’m guessing you have a bit of jock itch.” I whispered to Adam. “The active ingredient in dandruff shampoo might give you some relief.”

Adam gave a low whistle. “Worth a try, right?”

“Defs.” I agreed. “I can give you some after dinner tonight if you come up to the health office.” I told Adam. “If that doesn’t work we can see if we get you some of the powder from the pharmacy in town. But in the meantime try to keep things dry down there. Change out of your wet bathing suit as soon as possible.”

“Got it.” Adam whispered and gave me a thumbs up and then gave himself a scratch.

“So you are the most surprising old wife I’ve ever met, Adam!”

“Waddaya mean?” Adam’s eyebrow arched in confusion.

“You were full of home remedies.” I pointed out.

“Oh. That,” Adam nodded. “I have five siblings. I’ve heard my mum give out plenty of advice,” he explained.

“Aha! So your mum is the ‘old wife’!” I motioned with air quotes.

“Yup! She’s like 35.”

I grimaced. I resembled that remark.

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