Beach yoga

Somehow I had managed to drift off to sleep with my magazine open in my lap. I woke myself with a loud snort. I heard a couple of campers giggle in response. General swim was wrapping up. I had slept through the majority of it. Thankfully the buddy system and the life guards had kept my kids safe as I dozed.

My three joined the back of the line to get a snack of apples and cheese and then circled back onto the beach. They sat cross legged on their towels and nibbled as the beach became tranquil. I wondered if the Navy Seals would join us but I heard the bell ring for clubs and no Seals appeared. They must be on a special mission, I figured. Instead, Danielle and Becca came down the hill and signed in on the buddy board.

“Want to join us in some yoga, Anne?” Danielle invited me as the two young women carefully placed their towels on the sand in the center of the beach.

“Yoga? I’ve never tried it.” I responded.

“Today is a good day to try something new.” Becca responded. “The beach is deserted and the weather is perfect. I’m going to run us through the poses.”

“Why not!” I stood and grabbed my towel and lay it down behind Becca’s towel. The kids giggled. “You guys can keep playing in the sand while I try some yoga, OK?” They nodded and then, brushing off their crumbs and casting curious glances at us, walked down to the water’s edge and resumed their construction.

Becca led us slowly through the poses and stretches with a gentle voice. Mountain pose, chair, downward dog, tree, warrior, triangle, bridge, happy baby. I found my muscles shaking with fatigue while holding some of the poses. We ended with the corpse pose. This was my favorite! The soft sand with the sun warming us, I could feel myself melt as I deeply relaxed. It felt, in a word, delicious.

“Anne, wake up!” Becca gently touched my shoulder. I woke with a loud snort. Again.


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