Challenge accepted

The LITs’ jumped to their feet as Marie and Dane clapped their hands and yelled. “Let’s go guys, as you are! This is it! Come on! Down to the boat house! Now!”

The LITs who had worn the extra clothing looked triumphant, while the LITs in their shorts and t-shirts looked a little chagrinned.

“I knew it!” Malcolm said to Scott as he gave him a high-five.

I stood back as Dane led the group out of the lounge. “Say ‘Good night’ to Nurse Anne!” Marie called out the the LITs.

“Good night Nurse Anne!” The LITs sang as they started to march-past me again. I revisited the royal wave.

“Good luck gentleman and Godspeed.” I said as I affected a British accent. I saluted them and then broke into a verse of Taps. “Fading light, dims the sights. And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright. From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night.”

Alex, bringing up the rear, and wearing a t-shirt, still wet from his after-dinner dishwashing duties, stepped over to me. “Did you know about this, Nurse Anne,” he asked me.

“I miiiiight have.” I wrinkled my nose.

“And you didn’t tell us? I thought we were friends!” Alex me a light punch in the bicep and smiled.

“Unfortunately, my friend, I was bound to secrecy.” I felt a twinge of guilt. “Also, if I recall there was some comment about being challenged helps to make you grow…or something?” I squinted trying to remember exactly what they boys had told me and Alex nodded.

“Ya. I might have said that.”

“Have my hoodie,” Malcolm said as he peeled it off over his head exposing a long sleeved shirt underneath.

“Awh thanks bro!” Alex said and gratefully pulled his damp t-shirt off and tugged on the hoodie.

Grinning, I watched them run down the steps and disappear from my sight. I walked over to the windows to take in the view of camp from the third floor. I noticed the arts and crafts building had all the lights on. I had completely forgotten about the open studio! Time to toss a pot…

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