Love is in the air

My face flushed as I reached level ten of awkwardness. I quickly looked away from Liz’s fresh love bite.

“I hope the bear didn’t side track your planning.” I said uneasily as I cleared my throat. Liz’s played with the collar of her t-shirt.

“We had to cut our session short so I’m thinking…” Ben responded.

“We will have to reconvene tomorrow, I’m thinking…” Liz added briskly as she exchanged a look with Ben and they both nodded.

“Tomorrow night? Same time? Same place?” Ben asked.

“Sure. I think that I can work that into my schedule.” Liz responded. They both turned to leave the office as I watched them go. They seemed to be in their own little world. I shrugged and grabbed my book, turned off the office light, and locked the door.

As I started up the back stairs I heard a, “Thanks Nurse Anne!”, echoing down the hall. I smiled as I continued up the steps.

I poked my head into the third floor office and found Lydia still tapping away at the computer.

“I’m baaaaack! Thanks so much for watching over the kids.”

“Not a problem. I looked in on them a couple of times and they were out like lights.” Lydia told me as she rubbed her eyes.

“Excellent. I really appreciate it. I got the chance to make a bowl. It was so…therapeutic, I guess? It felt very relaxing and very rewarding. I might actually have a useful bowl too!”


“Thanks again Lydia. I’m off to bed now. Enjoy your evening.” Lydia gave me a tiny salute and I left the office, gently closing the door.

I peeked in on the girls and listened to their tandem soft breathing. I closed the door. I went into my room and could see my son’s face in the narrow slip of the moonlight that illuminated his face. Sound asleep. I smiled. Children seem most beautiful when they are peacefully sleeping. Delicate skin. Tiny pink lips. Untroubled expression.

I tiptoed over to the shelves and took off my shoes. I slipped my hand into my pockets to empty them. I placed the health office key onto the shelf from my right side pocket. I reached into my left pocket and pulled out the kids’ partially completed bracelets. I held them in the light and took in their colors, vibrant even in the moonlight. My heart gave a little leap of joy.

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