Rough start

I stealthy changed into my pajamas and cautiously started to climb the ladder to the top bunk. The bones in my foot loudly cracked as I stepped onto the first rung. I grimaced as I stopped to check to see that I hadn’t woken Patrick. Thankfully he slept on. The bottom of my foot still stung from the night prior when I had managed to impale myself on a Matchbox car.

I crawled into bed and stuffed myself into the sleeping bag. As I lay there watching the shadows dance across the ceiling I thought about the day. It seemed like ages ago that we were woken by Cinderella’s sisters but in fact it was just that morning. I briefly thought of the survivor night campers and prayed that they were doing well. We definitely seemed to be able to pack a lot of adventures into one day at camp, I thought to myself as my eyelids, so heavy, closed.

I woke, startled to the sound of loud knocking. I was momentarily confused by my surroundings. I gazed over my shoulder at the door. “Come in.” I croaked and wiped my mouth. I realized it was morning and I was in the same position as when I had fallen asleep seven hours prior.

The door opened a crack. Erik peaked his head into the room, followed by Dave’s head appearing just above his.

“Heeeey guys,” I said as I used my hands to try to tame my curly bedhead. “I guess you two are on wake-up duty all week? What’s up?”

“Well it looks like you are!” Erik said cheerily.

“Barely.” I mumbled as I yawned.

“We can help with that Nurse Anne. No worries!” Dave responded as he pushed open the door and the two enthusiastically stepped in. Dave was carrying a bugle and Erik cradled a coffee can. They both stood in the center of the room, Erik put the bugle to his lips and took an enormous breath and then nodded to Dave.

Erik proceeded to play a version of Reveille that was more painful than passing a ginormous kidney stone. Dave accompanied him on his improvised drum. I used my index fingers to press on the tragus of my ears to block the heinous sounds.

“We are awake!” Patrick yelled from the lower bunk to no avail. “You can stop now!” He bellowed, but the band played on. “Please. Leave.” He shouted. But they happily ignored him. At that point Patrick jumped from his bed and pushed Dave forcefully from the room. Patrick then returned and shoved Erik out. The music stopped when Patrick slammed the door shut. He then glanced up at me.

“Well done bro!” I gave him two thumbs up.

Patrick giggled and then opened the door. The music began again. He slammed the door shut and it stopped. We cracked up. Patrick slowly reached towards the door knob and held his hand on it and waited.

“Nooooo!” I whispered to him. “No! Please stop the torture.” I shook my head and waved my arms. He looked at me mischievously and ever so slowly turned the knob. He opened the door a small crack and the abuse began again. Patrick cackled and slammed the door. The music stopped.

“That’s enough suffering for one day. Get dressed little dude.” I said to Patrick as I climbed down the ladder. We could hear the sound of Erik and Dave knocking loudly on the girls’ door.

“Yes?” Megan called out. Reveille began again. Sarah and Megan emitted cries of agony as Patrick and I snickered.

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