Bonafide to bogus

In the dining hall we found Lydia at the Directors’ table, sitting beside Barb and in deep conversation. She and Barb waved to me. The five kids happily greeted each other and chatted. Barb and Lydia were discussing Bill’s discharge from the hospital and arranging child care for the day. Camp would be returning to normal…almost. We still were awaiting Father Brian’s return. I wondered how much longer he would be absent, chasing down trippers through the wilds of a Canadian forest.

The LIT 2’s, looking a little weary, were passing out the breakfast rations.

”You survived!” I clapped as Alex swooped by.

”No question, Nurse Anne, no question!” Alex nodded his head.

”Well done! Congrats!”

Breakfast was banana pancakes and bacon. I managed also to inhaled two coffees.

“That is about impossible to improve on!” I told Barb and Lydia as I grinned genuinely and helped stack up the dishes after we had all cleaned our plates. I got no argument.

“Mum! Did you ask if we could sleep in a tent?” Sarah tugged on my elbow as she whispered into my ear.

“Lydia would be the person to ask.” I told her. I nodded towards Lydia. “Go ahead.”

Sarah grimaced and then shyly approached Lydia. She gently tapped Lydia on the shoulder.

“Ummm…Lydia. Could we sleep in a tent? Pretty please?” Sarah timidly asked.

“Sleep in a tent, eh?” Lydia nodded and paused, looking thoughtful. “I think we can arrange that, Sarah.” Sarah eyes widened with excitement and she clapped her hands together. She looked over at me, delighted. “Thank you!” She squealed and then ran over the Megan and Patrick to tell them the news. The three kids bounced with glee.

I suddenly had a bad, bad feeling that I might also be sleeping in a tent. I was not delighted. Not really. But I forced a fake smile that managed to fool the kids.

What had I been thinking??

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