Wounds heal

I hustled up the stairs after breakfast to the office. I sat with my feet propped on my desk, cracked open my book and delved into the story while I waited for my charges.

It was only my regulars who showed up. I handed out their meds and went back to my book. Lordy, I was enjoying reading! What a delightful pleasure. I had missed reading for fun. I turned the page to chapter three when I heard a soft knock on the door.

It was Ashley. “Hey Nurse Annnnnnnnnne!” She singsonged.

“What up sister?” I swung my legs off the desk and tuned around to look at her.

“We are taking our hut to Little Indian Island at lunchtime and will need a first aid kit so I wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Excellent” I said as I stood up. “I can have that all put together for you to pick up before the end of instructions.”

“Most appreciated.” Ashley smiled and raised her hand to give me a high five. I clasped her hand, held it and gave it a gentle squeeze. As I did so, her bracelets slid down her arm. I noticed the scars on her wrist. Perfectly straight pale white lines. Well healed.

My smile froze on my face but I didn’t look away quickly enough. Ashley noted my gaze that hesitated just a millisecond too long on her wrist. She quickly swung our hands, still grasped, downward and cupped my hand in her two.

Ashley took in a deep breath. “It was a hard time. It seemed to help me to feel alive.”

“You got the help you needed?” I asked Ashley, looking into her eyes, searching.

“I did.” She said. “Camp was a big part of the healing.”

“It was?” I asked, my eyes widened.

“It was.” Ashley gave me a soft, reassuring smile.

“I feel like camp is a very special place, so I am glad to hear that it was a healing place for you.” I told Ashley.

“Camp, honestly, probably saved my life.” Ashley whispered to me. A chill ran up my back and my arms broke out in goosebumps. I inhaled as I shivered.

“I’m a believer.” I whispered back.

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