Considering an Island Paradise?

“I’ll get started on that first aid kit for you. I will included medications for lunch, dinner and bedtime for the campers. Right? You will be back for breakfast tomorrow?”

“Yep. We get them up just after the sunrises to get their tents taken down and packed. Then they have to paddle back to camp too.”

“Wow!” I whistled. “How long does it take the kids to paddle to the island?”

“It depends on the hut. The older, more experienced campers take maybe forty minutes. But the Deer hut campers will likely take over an hour to paddle there.”

“Man! They must be exhausted by the time they get there!”

“Exhausted and frustrated usually with trying to paddle an enormous war canoe. But we try to keep their minds off it by singing. A lot of singing.” Ashley laughed.

“You fit all the campers in the war canoe?”

“The Deer hut campers are small enough to all fit. Yes.”

“Wowza! I want to see this!” I said.

“Just come down to the boat house before lunch and you can see us take off.”

“No lunch for the Deer hut today?”

“They get a late lunch on the island. The faster they paddle, the faster they get their lunch. It’s good motivation as it turns out. After lunch they get to explore the island and swim in the lake. Tonight we will grill burgers and dogs on the camp fire and roast marshmallows for dessert.”

“Sounds like a fun-filled day.”

“Maybe you should consider joining us?” Ashley suggested. I paused, thoughtful.

“I will consider it, actually, Ashley. My three wanted to sleep in a tent…”

“You could definitely sleep in a tent. My suggestion would be to ride the pontoon boat over for dinner and stay on for the evening festivities. That way, you avoid the hour of soul-sucking, pitiful paddling.”

“And we would get a boat ride.” I added.

“And you would get a boat ride.” Ashley smiled.


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