Firming up plans for the day

I put the Deer Hut first aid kit together. I used tiny ziplock bags for the the personal medications. I used a permanent marker to label each of the bags with the campers’ name and directions. I then organized the medications into three ziplock bags labeled; lunch, dinner, bedtime. I wrote out a list of campers, medications and when they were to be provided. I wrapped the instructions around the medication bags and secured it with an elastic. On the outside I wrote “Personal Medications”. I tucked them into the first aid kit. Done.

I grabbed my book, locked up the office and went upstairs. I found Lydia was in the office again this morning.

“Do you live here now?” I asked as I softly knocked on the door.

“I do.” Lydia laughed. “Whatcha need?”

“I wondered if it would be possible for my three kids and myself to spend the night at Little Indian with the Deer Hut tonight?”

“Absolutely. We can get you a tent. Do you want to paddle out there during lunch?”

“I heard that we could maybe ride the party boat to the island with the dinner fixings. Would that be possible? Then I would just need coverage for the after dinner and bedtime medications.”

“Roger that!”

“Awesome. I think my three will be tickled. I can get the medications set out for my substitute.”

“Perfect.” Lydia gave me two thumbs up and then she pointed to my book. “You’ve got yourself a thick book there!”

I held it up. “Ya! I have a lofty ambition of seeing if I can get this read before the kids hit high school. It’s over a thousand pages. It’s a good read though, so it might be achievable.”

“What is it about?”

“It’s a historical fiction set in Scotland during the uprising.”

“I’m impressed.” Lydia nodded.

“Don’t be.” I gave her a sly smile. “Turns out it’s a bit of a raunchy bodice ripper. But with lots of historical references in between.”

Lydia laughed. “I’m not usually a fan of romance novels.”

“Well, someone at camp is, cuz I found this book on the second floor book shelf.”

“Oh myyyyyy!” Lydia whistled as her eyes widened.

“And I need to find out who it is cuz we need to start our own little book club.” I waved as I left the office. Now I needed to find myself a quiet reading spot.

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